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Table of Contents 

Z/fe Jlaurel 

Volume 54 
Mars Mill College 
Mars Mill, ^£.^ 


Student Life 






^ ^' 66 






—- umnwa w M HHumm uita ftigBuifg mttmm^ 


Each building and each place has its own person- 




They are unique — holding not only the personality of a 
designer, but the personalities of all the students and in- 
structors who have spent a segment of their lives there. 

We are like these places — molded by our par- 
ents, shaped and influenced by friends, profes- 
sors, and the school itself. 


There are special places and special people 

M/e all have somewhere to go when we 
need solitude. 





And we all have a person we turn to for uplifting, 
comfort, or companionship. 


...MiauH4;igiiMi aii.iuuiiHuiinujnMi 



It is these places and people that we will always 


m mmiMmm iiiammamasim 






The academic year was highlighted by the 
addition of the mural "Heritage" to Blackwell 
Hall and the dedication of the renovated 
Marshbanks Hall. "Heritage" was designed 
and given to the college by Douglas Ferguson 
and was unveiled at a special ceremony on 
September 8. Marshbanks Hall was named 
after Virginia and Flossie Marshbanks, who 
established and have built up a $400,000 
scholarship fund. The college scholarship en- 
dowment was also expanded this year with 
the beginning of the Grayson Scholars Pro- 

There was one addition to the administra- 
tion this year. Dr. Michael O'Brien assumed 
his position as Dean of Student Development. 


/. Fred Bentley, President 

1 Richard Hoffman, Vice President for Academic 


S. Francis Snelson, Assistant to the President 

4. Walter Smith. Director of Public Information 

5. Michael O'Brien. Dean of Student Development 

6. Robert Chapman, Registrar 



/. Dennis Hill, Associate Dean for 

Admissions and Enrichment 

2 John Hough, Dean for Continuing 


3. Violette Henderson, Business 

4. James Cox, Director of 

5. Lewis Miller, Director of Library 

6. David DeVries, Coordinator of 
Information Systems 

7. Jim Fish, Director of the Physical 



The staff is the right arm of the administra- 
tion. These people are involved in all aspects of 
campus life. They take on the responsibilities of 
providing students with entertainment, food, 
and campus activities. They also take care of an 
amazing amount of paperwork. Without this 
group of hard-working individuals. Mars Hill 
would not be able to carry on as efficiently as it 


/. John Campbell, Public Information 

2 David Smith, Campus Minister 

3. Sue Fitzgerald, Director of Center for 
Christian Ministries 

4. Naomi Ferguson, Assistant to the 
Business Manager 

5. John Hamrick, Director of Financial Aid 




/. Ray Rapp, CEP Coordinator 

1 Richard Ellis, Assistant Director of 


3. Lloyd Moore, Director, Upward Bound 
and Special Services 

4. Jim Davidson, Director of Housing 

5. Gerald Ball, Director, Computer Center 

6. Niles Hipps. Business Manager, College 

7. Cheryl Parman. Director, Student 




/. Mike Faires, Director. Security and Custodial Services 
2. Dennis Hyatt, Director. Dining Services 
i. Audrey Ward, Tutoring Coordinator 

4. Ann Davidson. Librarian, Media Services 

5. Jim Roberts, Assistant Director. Physical Plant 

6. Gail Sawyer, Coordinator, PDS 


/. Don Caldwell, Purchasing 

Director, Bookstore 
2. Mamie Chapman. Bookstore 

S. Fannie Sizemore. Bookstore 


4. Otis Duck. M.D., Ellen Coomer, 
R.N., Charles Powell. M.D. 

5. Jill Mannisto. Field Coordinator. 
Internship Program 

6. Johnnie White, Post Office 



iiMi^iT nTI"'"*' ' "'" """"*"' ' '"""*" '""""""ff 

/. Robert Ruark, Assistant Director of 

2. David Mathews. Career 
Development Counselor and 
Placement Coordinator 

3. Laura Lee, Scott y Miller. Donna 
Turnipseed. Recruiters 

4. Diane Hill, Director of Counseling 
and Enrichment Center 

5. Library Staff 

6. Jack Thomason, Equipment 
Supervisor. P.E. Department 

7. Secretaries 


.mt. I 



The department provided stimulating training 
for students in creative sutdio work, art educa- 
tion, art history, and aesthetics. The visual arts 
were represented as an integral part of humanistic 

Students exhibited works in the Fine Arts Gal- 
lery, the Library, and the Peterson Conference 
Center. The works of regional artists were also 


/. Joe Chris Robertson 

2. Pat Wright concentrates on his pottery. 

3. Marilyn Edmisten is one of many students who enjoy 
creating art. 

4. Stephen Wing 

5. Gordon Mahy 





The department featured much more than 
hours of dissecting frogs and peering into mi- 
croscopes. Students spent hours on interesting 
field trips as well as in the lab. 

A wide scope of courses was offered, ranging 
from zoology and botany to genetic and cellular 
biology. In addition, the biology majors were 
trained for jobs in such fields as veterinary 
science, allied health, medicine, and research. 

/. Frank Quick 
2. Jo Ann Croom 

i. Two biology students examine slides in their 
hunt for the elusive protozoans. 

4. Karen Hammack cleans her microscope in 
preparation for a lab. 

5. William Hutt 





This active department, which serves 250 majors, 
is one of the largest on campus. It offers majors in 
accounting, business education, economics, general 
business administration, and office administration. 

The purpose of the department is to offer students 
a plan of study which will enhance and enrich their 
personal lives and prepare them for worthy service 
to society, for efficient performance in their profes- 
sion, and for success in advanced study. 

Joe Blair, formerly an accounting supervisor with 
Milliken S Co., joined the faculty in July 1979. He 
instructs courses in accounting. 


/. Charles Narron 
1 Joe Blair 

3. David Sperling 

4. Jack Grose 

5. Roy Wood 

6. Rachel Chapman 

7. Charles Pressley 

8. Neal Mckenzie 




Long lab hours and interesting experiments 
were part of the formula that made up chemistry 
students' studies. The majors were guided by 
three fulltime faculty members, who also provided 
instruction in General Studies. The department 
provided an educational background for its gradu- 
ates, which allowed them to compete for places in 
professional schools, graduate schools, or indus- 


/. Genevieve Adams 
1 Fred Hollkamp 

3. Kenneth Manske 

4. A student adjusts his bunsen burner prior to 
oxidizing a magnesium sample. 

5. A chemistry student measures out an 'unl<nown' in 
preparation for a lab. 




The department continued to meet its goal of 
preparing students for teaching in public 
schools. Professional, academic, and moral de- 
velopment were stressed, as was an under- 
standing of human growth and behavior. 

The gifted program continued to be popular, 
and the reading program enjoyed another suc- 
cessful year. 




/. Worth Booth 

2. Vernon Chapman 

3. Lou Therrell 

4. Bill Sears 

5. Smith Goodrum 

6. Becky Eller 

7. Julie Long 

8. Teresa Stern 



It was another good year for this department. A 
wide variety of British, American, and Continental 
literature courses were offered) and a large number 
of non-English majors enthusiastically signed up for 
these classes. 

The department also offered internship credit for 
students who reported for the Hilltop or for those 
who worked in the Writing Lab. 








Rv -^^^B 

^in^- i^B m^^i 

W m 

/. Kay Gregory 
1 Betty Hughes 
i. Joe Schubert 

4. Vesta Baughman 

5. Mary Ihrig 

6. Lucille Godwin 

7. Pat Verhulst 

8. Edwin Cheek 

9. Karen Thomas 
10. Noel Kinnamon 


Foreign Languages 




This department served many students inter- 
ested in the French, Spanish, or German languages. 
The faculty helped to make foreign languages an 
integral part of the student's education, and gave 
the student a good understanding of basic com- 
munications skills. 

Dr. Sandra Obergfell, formerly at Wabash Col- 
lege, joined the staff in the fall. She instructed in 


f^ «-▼ -HE IN^ 

/. Richard Knapp 

2. Sandra Obergfell 

3. Gwyn Fish 

4. Bob Abbott 

5. Katherine Macoy 

6. Bob Kramer 




Those in the history department firmly believe 
that a demonstration of competency is more im- 
portant than course credit. The history instruc- 
tors strive to prepare students for an active role in 
society by training them for graduate work and 
developing skills that are used in a variety of 
professions. The department offered two new 
classes during mini-mester. Betty Jolley taught a 
course on the Southern woman, and a class on 
urban Appalachia was also taught. 

Larry Miller, a 1977 alumnus of Mars Hill, Joined 
the department) and Dr. Harley Jolley was on sab- 
batical leave during the fall semester. 

/. Ron Eller 

2. David Knisley 

3. Larry Miller 

4. Jim Lenburg 

5. Betty Jolley 

6. Jon Crawford 

Home Economics 


The department offered courses of a broad se- 
lection in the field of home economics. Classes in 
child development, home management, and family 
relations were offered, as well as courses in nutri- 
tion, housing, and fashion merchandising. 

Ina Owens, a native of Alabama, joined the staff 
as an assistant professor. She instructed a class in 
family economics as well as other courses. 

/. Winona Bierbaum 
1 Lynn Weinge 
3. Ina Owens 

4 S 5. Students prepare delicious meals in the 
Home Ec kitchen. 


iK F 



This year the department introduced a new ba- 
sic and RPG Computer Science course as it began 
to expand its curriculum in this area. As with the 
majority of the other courses offered by the de- 
partment, this course opened another helpful op- 
portunity for students of all careers. 




•M r 



This department embraced a large number of 
students. The majors spent uncountable hours in 
the practice rooms as they prepared themselves 
for juries and recitals. 

Throughout the year the department offered 
recitals and guest performances, which were en- 
joyed by many. In the spring, the choir and chorus 
performed their annual concert, a popular feature 
on the campus. 









/. Wayne Pressley 

2. Dorothy Roberts 

3. Paul Newton 

4. John Adams 

5. Julie Fortney 

6. Bruce Bishop 

7. May Jo Gray 

8. Susan Hensley 


. : r 1 rm [ innummimilM 

/. Agnes Whitman 
2 Joyce Bryant 

3. Anna Mines 

4. Bill Thomas 

5. Don Bearden 

6. Donna Robertson 

7. Cam Bishop 

8. Carolyn Lamberson 

9. Joy Gentile 
10. Ray Babelay 


Health/Physical Education/ 


Continued growth of the Recreation and 
Sports Medicine programs led this depart- 
ment through the year. The Physical Educa- 
tion program also continued to provide phys- 
ical activity as well as leadership develop- 
ment for future physical educators. 

This year a new dance instructor became a 
part of the staff. Lura Edsall taught dance and 

'VJ' ;li ^f» 

I.Tom Wood 

2. John Wells 

3. Virginia Hart 

4. Bill Walker 

5. Don Henderson 

6. Lura Edsall 

7. Charlie Phillips 

8. Harrell Wood 

9. Gail Webster and 
Barbara Hollingsworth 





The religion department's activities this year 
were highlighted by an excursion to the Holy Land 
during the January term. The department also 
sponsored and organized volunteer groups to work 
with a Vietnamese boat family and other local 

In addition, this active department continued 
its successful internships program, allowing edu- 
cation and youth ministry students to gain valu- 
able experience in area churches. Meanwhile, 
seminary-bound students were given the option of 
a research-oriented curriculum. 



/. Earl Leininger 

2. Thomas Sawyer 

3. Page Lee 

4. Ellison Jenkins 

5. Bob Melvin 


M f^ 

Social And Behavioral 




This department played an active role in the 
college community this year. Members worked 
with the Mellon Grant program and brought 
South Carolinian 'Pug' Ravenel to the campus. 

The department emphasized three themes: 
the understanding of one discipline, study and 
service-learning experiences in Southern Appa- 
lachia, and pre-prof ess ional education in select- 
ed areas. 

Doug Dexter joined the staff in the fall He 
taught social work classes and worked with the 


bv j^ •'■4;. .."''mj^- :;jLvt'V '^~^T> "^W ■■■4^ '^ 

1. Don Anderson 

2. Carolyn Thompson 

3. George Peery 

4. Jeannie Jay 

5. Doug Dexter 














I. Harold Herzog 
J. Ken Sanchagrin 

3. Dore Hansel 

4. Tom Plaut 

5. Walter Stroud 

6. Joseph Godwin 

7. Larry Stern 



Theatre Arts 


A word that easily describes this department is 
'busy. ' It has the goal of preparing its students for 
careers in all areas of the theatre while, at the 
same time, providing cultural expeience for the 
college community. 

This year a wide variety of plays was presented. 
In September, two one-act plays were seen. These 
were followed by the "Great Musical Review," a 
selection of Broadway musical hits. December 
brought Shakespeare to the campus. "The Tem- 
pest" was directed by Dr. Bill Martin of New York. 
During the spring semester, the department 
planned two productions. 




Student Cife 

is. m- 


Everyday Life 





One of the greatest quests in a college stu- 
dent's life is to find something to do during 
spare time. Mars Hillians are no exception. Stu- 
dents frequented a wide variety of places in 
Asheville: shopping centers. Doc's movies. Dun- 
kin ' Donuts, the Parkway, and even McDonald's. 

Others strove to find excitment on the cam- 
pus itself Tennis, racquetball, and basketball 
were popular pastimesi others preferred jog- 
ging or walking "the loop". The Coffeehouse 
was a popular place to mingle with friends, as 
was the library. Despite the lapses into bore- 
dom, students always managed to find some- 
thing to do — even studying. 



- ^-^ 

1. Bob Myers enjoys a game of pool in 
the rec room. 

2. Richard Ryan cashes a checli for Da- 
vid Driggers in the bookstore. 

3. Houston Roberson manages a smile as 
he gallantly donates blood. 

4. W.C. tanning practices the organ in 
Moore Auditorium. 

5. A couple on Spilman's porch enjoy 
each other's company. 

6. Matt Stroup and Perrin Seigler com- 
pete in a backgammon tournament. 

7. Biology students conduct experi- 
ments in the lab. 



4'..'.i;.i ."wsafc^ 

■ **"^i 

/. A student takes time to get some sun before 

2. The snack bar is a popular study area. 

3. Linda (So forth relaxes before another class. 

4. Card-playing is a common sight on campus. 

5. Marty Cann gets ready to join friends at 

6. Laura Hipps and Cindy By ram practice their 
music daily. 

7. John Stout naps on a lazy Sunday afternoon. 

8. Skiing is a favorite pastime among Mars 





MARK 1979 

Homecoming highlighted the month of Octo- 
ber. Melanie Hall and Chris Watts were selected 
as Homecoming representatives, and the Senior 
Class won first prize for its float in the Home- 
coming parade, which was led by the band. 

Mars Hill's Lions were victorious, 10-7, over 
the Guilford Quakers in the Homecoming game. 
Meares Stadium held a record crowd of almost 
5,000 as the team won its fourth consecutive 
game of the season. 


/. Chris Watts and Melanie Hall beam as they are 
announced as the 1979 Homecoming 

2. An enthusiastic cheerleading squad greets the 
L ions. 

3. A Mars Hill player gallops across the field. 

4. Band members, majorettes, and football players 
crowd the field during the pre-game show. 

5. Carole Hawk is crowned as the Homecoming Queen. 

6. Mars Hill fans exalt in a Lion touchdown. 


Gateway And Registration 


As in the past. Gateway proved to be a success- 
ful adventure for the freshmen. Guided by their 
mentors and upperclassmen, the new Mars Hillians 
quickly adapted to college life. 

Registration also was a quick, 'painless' process. 
Students breezed through the lines and were able 
to enjoy a day free of the long lines and hassles 
that usually have been a part of registration. 

I, Jim Davidson and Danny Jenrich 

discuss dorm situations. 

2. Upperclassmen greet each other after 

summer vacation. 

3. Students relax before joining the 

registration line. 

4. Students discuss class schedules at 

corrective registration. 



Premiere Featured 
During Season 

Those who came to Mars Hill during the summer 
were entertained by the Southern Appalachian Re- 
pertory Theatre. The SART Company consisted of 
professional actors, students, and others of the 
local region. 

Four productions were presented during the 
summer. The season opened with "Shenandoahl" 
This musical drama featured professionals Ste- 
phen Douglass and Christine Yates. It was followed 
by the premire of "A Happy New Year to the 
Whole World Except Alexander Graham Bell. " A 
children's play, "Reynard the Fox," delighted all, 
and the drama, "Inherit the Wind," closed the 


I. Actor Stephen Douglass 

and Christine Yates, his 


1 The cast of "Reynard 

the Fox. " 

3. Callie Warner and Allen 

Goodman pause before a 

rehearsal of 



5 I 

Lunsford Festival 


October was a special month at Mars Hill be- 
cause of this festival. Visitors came from all over 
the state to enjoy a wide variety of mountain 

Bluegrass music and ballads filled the air; clog- 
ging and flat-footing proved to be ever-popular 
dances. Visitors and students also took the oppor- 
tunity to indulge in apple butter and homemade 
bisquits. Thanks to the festival and Homecoming, 
students enjoyed a fun-packed weekend. 

I. Harold Garrison is one of the popular 

craftsmen who exhibit at the festival. 

2. Jane Crimminger demonstrates the 

artsmanship of clogging. 

3. Local musicians play popular mountain 

4. Gail Wilde enjoys teaching craft- 
making to children. 





Feeding hungry students was a difficult task on 
the campus, but it was a job that the Epicure 
Management personnel did well. Mars Hill stu- 
dents enjoyed a wide choice of food in a pleasant 
chalet setting. The salad bar was a popular feature, 
as was the ice cream stand. Despite the complain- 
ing about cold meals and long lines, the cafeteria 
continued to be a center of student life. 


. k w» 


/. John Marshall bites into a hot sandwich. 
1 Students enjoy a leisurely meal and good food. 
3. The salad bar offers a wide variety of items to hungry stu- 


Visiting Artists And Lecturers 

Mellon Series 
Popular With All 

The Visiting Artists and Lecturers Series 
provided a variety of entertainment ranging 
from the humor of Grady Nutt to the intellec- 
tualism of John Claypool to the musical artist- 
ry of the Duke Ellington Band. "Pug" Ravenel 
began the Mellon Series Lectures with his 
experiences as a political and business leader 
in the South. Appearing on campus were Nan- 
tucket, the Norman Luboff Choir, and the 
Mars Hill College Symphony, Choir, and Cho- 
rus. Also performing were the Atlanta Dance 
Company and the National Theater for the 



/, 3. The Atlanta Dance Company 
2 Roman Gabriel 
S. Norman Luboff 



Plays and Productions 

"The Tempest," 
"All My Sons ' 
Highlight Season 

Once again, Owen Theatre was filled with large 
audiences as the '79- '80 season began. A "Musical 
Revue" opened the season, which featured a selec- 
tion of songs from Broadway musicals. Two one- 
act plays followed, and in December "The Tem- 
pest" drew both Shakespearean and non-Shake- 
spearean fans each night. In the spring "All My 
Sons. " a play by Arthur Miller, was featured. It was 
directed by John Oertling. 

/. Bill Martin, director of "The Tempest," discusses the role of 
Miranda with Gina King. 

2. Romantic intentions turn into an argument in the production of 
"A Marriage Proposal," written by Anton Chekov. 

3. Marital problems were the subject of the one-act play "Footsteps 
of Doves. " 

4. Ron Andrews appears as Alonso in "The Tempest." 

5. Two shipwrecked conspirators plot to take over the island of 

6. Prospero (Kim English) and his daughter Miranda (Gina King) talk 
about their former regal life in "The Tempest. " 



Union Activities 


The Union is the social hub of the campus. Stu- 
dents enjoy a diverse number of activities, such as 
pool, ping-pong and card-playing. The snack bar 
and Blue Room Lounge are usually filled with stu- 
dents eating, studying or just relaxing. The Union 
provides an on-campus place for those students 
who just want to enjoy themselves and be in the 
company of friends. 

1. Two students enjoy a competi- 
tive foosball game. 

2. Ping-pong is a popular game in 
the rec room. 







The Timberline continued its role as the core 
of late night activity on campus. A new item, 
sub sandwiches, was added to the menu. Bacl<- 
gammon and card-playing remained the favor- 
ite pastimes of the coffeehouse regulars. With 
the advent of colder weather, the fireplace be- 
came a favorite spot for romantic interdigita- 

1. Danny Devlin cuts pizza for 'runner' 
Wes Early to deliver. 

2. The coffeehouse gang passes an 
evening playing cards. 









For a football team which was picked in pre- 
season to finish seventh in an eight-team confer- 
ence, the 1979 Lions did surprisingly well. The 
team won the NAIA District 26 championship, fin- 
ished ninth in the nation among the NAIA Division 
I schools, and barely missed getting into the play- 
offs for the national championship. The Lions fin- 
ished their season with a 7-2-1 record. 

Several individuals earned special recognition. 
Coach Claude 'Hoot' Gibson was named "Coach of 
the Year" in District 26. and Steve Campbell won 
Ail-American Coach Claude 'Hoot' Gibson was 
named "Coach of the honors as well as being 
named "Player of the Year. " Campbell and three of 
his teammates — linebacker Johnny Gulledge, of- 
fensive tackle Cliff Searcy and defensive end 
Clayton Curry — were named to the 25-man all- 
district team. In addition, Campbell, Searcy, and 
running back Kenny Phillips were chosen on the 
first team All-South Atlantic Conference. Gulledge 
and defensive tackle Ricky Williamson were 
named to the all-conference second team. 

After such a successful record, Gibson and his 
outstanding team eagerly await the 1980 season. 

1. Coach Gibson anticipates another Lion victory 

2. Clark looks for the open receiver. 

3. Mitchell runs for the end zone. 

4. King takes a break. 

5. Another touchdown for the mighty LionsI 

6. Simmons warms up before a game. 





/. Harrison and Tate show team spirit. 
2. Phillips rushes for yardage. 
3. Perfection on the teel 


w ^^'.. ill' 87s 

4..* « 

Wi i , 

,^- _7» »*»*» ■.^. •■ ■ ' . -*,^ 

/. The team huddles as Clark calls the next play. 

2. Garten runs for a touchdown. 

3. Clark calls a play. 

4. Allen gains yardage against Catawba. 


Marching Band 


The marching band had another successful sea- 
son as they spent long hours on the field polishing 
half time shows. The homecoming show was espe- 
cially interesting, featuring a dance by the sousa- 
phone players. Carol Jensen, a freshman this year, 
was elected the new drum majorette. Another 
highlight of the season was the singing of the 
National Anthem by the choir on the field, accom- 
panied by the band. 


.ife^s*' iij-^^^'fM- 


/. Drum majorette Carol Jensen. 

X Fran Shelton is featured on solo trumpet. 

3. Sousaphone players dance while playing "When 
Yuba Plays the Rhumba on the Tuba. " 

4. Majorettes 

5. Band members march in the homecoming 

6. Flag Corp 




Men's Basketball 


The Lions started their season with an optimis- 
tic outlook because of a strong finish in the 78-79 
season and the return of four starters. Don ken- 
hour and John Patterson continued to be strong 
players. Icenhour has good jumping ability which 
is helpful in rebounding against taller players. Pat- 
terson was selected to represent the United States 
in a tournament in Brazil for the Jones Cup. Perry 
Somers and Michael Kelly also remained strong 
players. Under the encouragement of head coach 
Jack Lytton the Lions gave their best. A big win 
for the Lions this year was against Lenoir Rhyne, 
won in the last seconds of the game. As always, 
the team looks forward to an even more successful 
coming season. 



/. Co-captains John Patterson and Don Icenhour. 
1 First row: Ben McCoy, Fred Dew. John Patterson. 
Wayne Miles. Perry Somers. Lamar Parrish. Second 
row: Mark Duke. Jimmy Murphey, Don Icenhour, 
Mike Clark. Chuck Morgan, Brian Barr, Chip Waters 
Michael Kelly. 
S. Chip Waters scores two. 

4. Don Icenhour goes for a lay-up. 

5. "Hey, I pull for the Lions I" 





/, 4, 6. Mike Clark, Chuck 

Morgan, and Perry Somen shoot 

with determination. 

2. Coach Lytton gives 

instructions during a time out. 

i. Players fight for the jump 


5. Patterson comes through with 

a basket. 

7, A foul shot brings extra 

needed points. 





The cheerleading squad was an important fac- 
tor during football and basketball seasons. The 
members practiced daily to perfect their routines 
and to encourage spirit among the student body. 
The enthusiasm of this squad was catching, and 
their lion spirit' spread through out the college 


/. One of the cheerleaders 
concentrates on the half time show. 

2. Football cheerleaders: First row: 
Teri McKrackin, Renee Peterson. 
Second row: Joey Orr, Kim Sellers, co- 
captain, Lat Farr, Sheila Honeycutt, 
Joe Testino, Ruth Ann Miller, Gordon 
Brewer, Melanie Hall, Mark Harris, 
captain, Gina King. 

3. The Lions are cheered on to a 

4. Basketball cheerleaders: First row, 
Lorie Patterson, Ruth Ann Miller, Jeff 
Dotson, Chris Harris, mascot, Joe 
Testino, Christie Atkins, Teri 
McKracken. Second row: Steve Wilent, 
Sheila Honeycutt, Homer Moss, Chuck 
Augustine, Melanie Hall, Mark Harris. 

5. Christie Atkins takes a short break 
from the action. 




Women's Basketball 




With only four games remaining in early Feb- 
ruary, the Lady Lions had a 6-10 record. Their 
slow start in the season was due to the return of 
only two starters. The girls quickly overcame 
this problem and came on stronger; they came 
on stronger towards the end of the season, 
helped along by the improvements of Carmen 
Ballard and Teresa Miller. The team was 8th in 
the Dunkel ratings and were optimistic about 
staying in the top 12 and performing well in the 
state tournament. Top scorers for the season 
were Sandy Odom and Angle Johnson. 



/. Carmen Ballard jumps for Mars 

2 Lady Lions.- Kneeling: Ceri 
Peterson, Angela Johnson, Vicliie 
McGlothlin. Standing: Janice 
McDaris, Carolyn Adams, Teresa 
Miller, Carmen Ballard, Kim 
Hamright, Sandy Odom, Kelly 
Bullard, Sonja McGee. 

3. Coach Barbara Hollingsworth 
gives some quick instructions. 

4. The Lady Lions concentrate on a 



>W P| |) |||l j|l|J|WII|WHaiBWMIBpiBanlltjBiffHi™'WHWW 





I, 2. The Lady Lions score points 
in a heated game. 

3. The team warms up before a 

4. Sandy Odum puts the ball in 

5. Players struggle for the ball. 




Golden Pride 


The Golden Girls serve as hostesses for the various 
athletic teams. Many people think that all these girls do is 
seat Golden M members at football games, however, their 
duties also involve promoting spirit among the players and 
students, painting colorful signs to hang in the cafeteria, 
and baking goodies for the players. The girls also show 
visiting recruits around campus. 

First row: Jean Briggs, sponsor) Shawn Henderson, Susan 
Thompson, Ginny Dodd Watts, Carol Hawk, Vicki Cline, Linda 
Hughes, Kathy Allen. Second row, Linda Go forth, Cindy Do- 
miny, Debra Matheson, Brenda McCraw, Lisa Hancock, Tra- 

cey Unsworth, Laura Malone. Third row: Gloria McKinney, 
Jennifer Taylor. Pam Mitchell, Lynn Puckett, Melanie Gunter, 
Cheryl McMichaeL 


" ^—Ulj-Ug, 







The women's volleyball team faced a challenging 
season. The Lady Lions met staunch opponents such 
as Wake Forest, Appalachian State, and Clemson, 
and they participated in three tournaments. The 
team came away from the Milligan Tournament 
with a second-place finish. 

Six freshmen joined the team this year, building 
up a strong squad for next season. 

1. Laura Latimer returns a difficult shot. 

2. Shelia Walker pauses before begin- 
ning another match. 

3. Seated, L. to R., Carol Conrad, Lisa 
Cavanagh, Mickie Hoffman, co-cap- 
tain. Geri Peterson, Kim Keeter, 
Kathy Blanks. Standing, L. to R., John 
Welch, trainer. Miss Gail Webster, 
coach, Laura Latimer, Lou Lathem, 
Jennifer Taylor, Valerie Valentii co- 
captain, Susan Mann, Suzanne Powell, 
Tammy Hardee, Shelia Walker. Deb- 
bie Palmer, scorer, Kathy Mote,, 







Cross-Country is one of the most demanding 
forms of running. This year's season was no differ- 
ent. Practice involved anything from a 10-mile run 
to sprints up Fox Hill. Fence-jumping and snake- 
avoiding were special skills members acquired 
during the year. Competition this year included 
Warren Wilson Colleee and Milligan College. 

I. Wes Early takes to tire snow in a mid-winter training run. 
2 Cross-Country runners Buck Early. Ren Wiles, and Wes 
Early sprint to the gym after a run. 



f^i3V"^i^ -li, \i.- . -. 


The members of the track team worked hard 
preparing for the season. The distance men, in 
their striped shorts, continued to run the roads. 
The sprinters and field events men developed 
their strength with weights as they looked for the 
coming of the spring season. With hard work and 
dedication, the team strove to improve upon their 
performance last year. 

Jack Upton, Wes Early, Ren 
Wiles, and Buck Early put in 
their mileage as they train for 
the Charlotte Marathon. 

Row I: Richard Carter, Jeff 
Harding, Dexter Fisher, Ren 
Wiles, Warren Taylor, Tommy 
Ashburn, Richard Penland. 
Row J: Mark Jones, Brett Fank- 
hauser, Eddie Bristow, William 
Mitchell, Bill Rogers, Mark An- 
nas, Buck Early, Bob Eddins, 
Clayton Curry, Cliff Searcy, 
Johnny Gulledge. 



Men's Tennis 


After a good '79 season, the men's tennis 
team approached the new season with great 
optimism. Brant McEntire, Ricl<y Tucker, and 
Phil Watson were among senior returning play- 
ers who worl<ed extra hard in order to improve 
their season. The team was coached by Alex 

L-R: Greg Roberts. Ricky Tucker. Below (left) Ricky 
prepares for a match, and Phil Watson returns a 
tough serve. 


Women's Tennis 


The team continued to prove that the girls can 
play tennis as well as the guys. The team practiced 
daily under the watchful eye of coach Virginia Hart. 
The team had several matches in the fall and contin- 
ued to play well in the spring. 

I. Jody Self sisms rhe ball. 

3. Kneeling: Joan Wingert, Wendy Turner. Vickie McGloth- 
lin. Jody Self, Robin Ray. Standing: Diane Bartlett, Paula 
Smart, Cindy Hall, Patty Horan, Rieni Alvarez, Coach Vir- 
ginia Hart and "Little Bit". 





The intramurals program at Mars Hill provided 
everyone with a chance to be involved in sports. 
Teams formed within the various dorms, organiza- 
tions, and other cliques on campus. During the 
year, these groups could be seen on the basketball 
court or on the baseball fields. Special events, such 
as powderpuff football, took places and tourna- 
ments in racquetball and tennis were also held. 






1979 Football 



Liberty Baptist 









Guilford =., 



Carson- Newman 

^ 13 


, 6 












Austin Peay 


MHC Men's Basketball 

76 Guilford 

66 Lenoir-Rhyne 

65 Gardner- Webb 

75 Eton 

93 Steed 
90 Catawba 
56 High Point 

60 College of Charleston 

77 High Point 
62 UNC-A 

74 Catawba 'j^^ 

69 College Of Charleston 

74 Wingate College 

61 Belmont Abbey 
68 UNC-A 

94 Livingston 

73 Central Wesleyan 


VoUeybatt ^"■^ 




Western CarMm 
Elon ^k. 





Lenoir Rhyne 






NC Central University 







Wake Forest 





















High Point 







Women's Basketball 






NCCU ^^_ 

__ 59 


Lenoir Rhyne W^^f 

^^ 69 


Asu ^m 



Western Carolina 



College of Charleston 



V S.C. State 3K 



^ 9i 


Wake Forest 



Lenoir Rhyne 









Gardner- Webb 



Winston-Salem St. 



Western Carolina 


Track Schedule 
Gardner- Webb 
Emory & Henry 


District 26 Meet 

Gardner- Webb 

Emory 3 Henry 


Baseball Schedule 




Gardner- Webb 




Warren Wilson 

Lincoln Memorial 


Warren Wilson 

Women's Tennis Schedule 


High Point 

Lenoir Rhyne 





L enoir Rhyne 


Carolina's Invitational 








" jn ' 

\_ 'I 

Student Government Association 


Throughout the year the SGA promoted cam- 
pus involvement with a number of activities. 
One of the biggest was the formulation and 
direction of the McConnell Gym Project in af- 
filiation with the CSM and Student Activities 
Board. The gym was renovated to develop a 
concert dance hall. 

The SGA also established a campus intramural 
football program and sponsored a student body 
trip over the spring holidays. Senators worked 
with the Admissions Office by giving campus 
tours for prospective students. Amendments 
were made to the Guide to Judicial Procedures 
and the overall judicial department was re- 
viewed for the 1980-81 school year. 

■'■: Hi rinnvTTiiaiinTiBHUBnuuuiHtORAunnuRniimiafHilfim 


/. Senate members honor Candi Arnold at a 
special meeting. 

2 President's Cabinet: Tim Carter, David 
Ward, Channa Conner, Kevin Hopper, Ken 
Sewell, Andria Walker, Candy Arnold, Garry 
Fish, Pat Jones. 

3. Senate: 1st row: Pat Jones, Candi Arnold, 
Treasurer, Andria Walker, Secretary, Dean 
Dalrymplei Parliamentarian, Kevin Hopper, Vice 
President, Ken Sewell, President. 

2nd Row: Ginny Wiggins, Peggy Lee, John 

Wood, Richard Heaton, Billy Rogers, Dora Cain 

Mark Fisher, Mike Stroupe, Jill Tobey, Suzanne 

Forbes, Bradley Johnson. 

3rd Row: Roger Taylor, Jeff Williams, Brent 

Anderson, Warren Taylor, Rebacca Harlow, Lee 

Gordon, Brent Crisp. 

4th Row: David Smith, Jamie Odom, Ann 

McKay, James Holmes, Larry Hines, Kit Sluder, 

Brenda Rogers, Lisa Forman, Jenny Stigall, 

Sylvia Honeycutt, Judy Benfield. 

5th Row: Charlene Ray, David Perkins, Martha 

Crawford, Jim Jones, Sally Young, Ray 

McConnell, Channa Conner, Derrick Johnson. 

4. Judicial Council: Danny Genrich, Tim Carter. 
Garry Fish, Ken Sewell, David Ward, Mark 


Hearing Board 


The Board is selected and directed by the Chief 
Justice. The Justices are responsible for sitting in 
on trials and making decisions on the various 
cases. Three justices attend each trial, and each 
serves a one-year team. 


Student Affairs Council 


The Council is the policy-maldng body for 
student life at Mars Hill. It is made up of 
faculty, administrators, and students. The 
Council meets once a month, and all meetings 
are open for the student body to attend. 

L-R: Mike O'Brien, Richard Hoffman, Roy Wood, Julie 
Fortney, Andria Walker, Jim Davidson, Gwyn Fish, 
Charyl Parman, Kevin Hopper, Ken Sewell, Derrick 
Johnson, Pat Jones, Tim Carter. 


Communications Board 


The Board is composed of the student 
media leaders, their advisors, and re- 
presentatives from the faculty, adminis- 
tration, and each class. The members 
met through-out the year to set policies 
for the media and to supervise their op- 
erations. In the spring, the Board select- 
ed the new leaders for the various me- 
dia positions. 

Seated: Walter P. Smitti, Betty Hughes, Mi- 
chael O'Brien. 

Standing, L-R: Donna Linker, Pam Smith, 
Kim Myers, Nancy White, David Bower- 
man, Donna Enochs, Jim Motes, Darryl 
Gossett, David Perkins. 



College Union Board 


The board had a busy year as it planned entertainment 
activities for the campus. As in past years the Sunday night 
movies proved to be a popular feature, with more big-name 
movies this year than ever before. A new feature this year 
was the Friday night late shows. The first annual dinner 
theater was held, and a concert by Nantucket was sponsored 
in the fall A page information program was begun so that 
union pages would be better informed of activities on cam- 
pus. The Union Campus Christmas Party and Spring Fling 
also remained popular activities. 

Union Board- Danny Devlin, Miles Hipps. Suzanne Dun- 
can, Jim Davidson, Anita Filer, Jeff Wade, Cheryl Par- 
man, Michael O'Brien, Susan Mckenzie, Derrick John- 





The purpose of this student publication is to 
create an outlet for members of Mars Hill Col- 
lege to express their creativity in the forms of 
original poetry, prose, art work, and photogra- 
phy. Prizes for the top entries were awarded in 
a special premire held in the spring. Co-editors 
David Perkins and Pam Smith intended for the 
magazine to serve as a catalyst for creativity 
within the college community. 


/, Co-editors: Pam Smith and David 

Perkins. Advisor: Betty Hughes. 

1 Staff: L-R. Darryl Gossett. Kim Beck. 

Anita Keller, Vicki Smith, Nancy White, 

David Perkins. Pam Smith, Lisa Woody, 

Candi Arnold, Tom Einstein, Tammy 


3. Staff members review Cadenza entries. 

4. Houston Roberson looks over his 
Cadenza entry while waiting for one of 
the editors. 

5. Pam Smith and Mrs. Hughes discuss 
judging processes. 






Under the co-editorship of Darryl Gossett 
and David Bowerman. the 1979-80 Hilltop at- 
tempted to keep the students, faculty, and staff 
of MHC informed and up-to-date on campus, 
community, and national events. To accomplish 
this goal, the Hilltop utilized its dedicated staff, 
the largest in years, to cover a variety of these 

Changes made in the Hilltop can be seen pri- 
marily in the expanded editorial section. The 
co-editorials aired the opposing viewpoints of 
the editors on various subjects, and "Soapbox" 
gave non-staff members a chance to editorial- 
ize on their favorite topic. The MHC campus 
responded extremely well, expressing their 
opinions in letters to the editors with almost 
alarming regularity. 



/. Staff members learn layout techniques. 

2. First row: Darryl Gossett, David 
Bowerman. Second row: David Perkins, 
Gus Jenkins, Edith Cheek. Anita Keller, 
Tom Bain, Lor a Watson. Third row: Ron 
Johnson, Lisa Woody. Tom Einstein, Kim 
Myers, Mark Barbour, Larry Pritchett, 
Ray McConnell. Fourth row: Craig 

3. Kim Myers expresses surprise that 
Darryl Gossett approves of her copy. 

4. Editor Darryl Gossett assigns stories 
to an "enthusiastic " staff. 

5. Staff members prepare the editorial 
page of a Hilltop issue. 








After many hours of diligent work, the 1980 
Laurel was finally finished. Co-editors Donna 
Enochs and Nancy White chose a unique cover, 
which was designed by Mars Hillian Randy 
Spear. There were more color pages as well as 
an increase in page length. The editors and 
their few-but-faithful staff struggled over dead- 
lines, copy, and layouts, but they managed to 
pull through and present a yearbook which truly 
represented Mars Hill College. 



/. Lora Watson glances through an old Laurel 
as Charlene Ray types the index. 
1 Laurel staff: 1st row: Sam Tunstall. John Mar- 
shall, Donna Enochs. Charlene Ray. Marcia 
Gouge. Lisa Woody. 

2nd row: Tom McCombs, John Wood. Parry I 
Norton, Lora Watson, Nancy White, Ren 
Wiles, Ben Mullinax. 

3. Co-editors Donna Enochs and Nancy White 
select pictures for the organizational section. 

4. Houston Roberson works tediously on the 

5. Ben Mullinax works on layouts. 





WVMH, Mars Hill's FM radio station, "broad- 
ened its horizons" this year. The station opened 
the day with a wake-up show at 7:00 a.m., and 
continued to broadcast until 1=00 a.m. In addi- 
tion to playing a wide assortment of music, such 
as classical, rock, and Christian, the football and 
basketball games were also broadcast. A news 
department was also added. Under the leader- 
ship of Jim Motes, WVMH continued to grow 
and capture the attention of Mars Hill students. 



/. A basketball game is broadcasted from Chambers Gym. 

2. Jim Motes, manager, relaxes in his office. 

3. Rusty Enscore, sports broadcaster, "interviews" WVMH 
secretary Robin Rensink. 

4. James Brigman clowns around in the station. 

5. Tim Taylor and Ross Newton, music directors, prepare 
the format for the weekend. 





Under the leadership of Bruce Boyles, the Chris- 
tian Student Movement became one of the most 
active organizations on campus this year. The 
New Beginning Coffeehouse was renovated and 
was renamed "The Place. " New and returning stu- 
dents had a chance to become acquainted with 
the CSM in the annual preschool retreat. The 
group worked with the SGA in the renovation of 
McConnell Gym, and revival teams traveled over 
the state and to other states to hold weekend 

I. Students sing outside The Place 
prior to the grand opening. 

3. CSM Council. Seated: Lynn 
Fleming, secretary/ Danny Fin- 
cannon, worship chairman) David 
Smith, advisor. Standing.- Jerry 
Anderson, New Beginning Sing- 
ersi Bruce Boyles, president, 
Glenn Jonas, supper forumi Tim 
Taylor, CSM Choin Steve Ayers, 
revival teamsi Kerry Hinton, trea- 
surer! Dave Calvert, recreation. 



Christian Student Movement Choir 


The CSM choir was small in number this year but still 
remained a dynamic group on campus. Under the direc- 
tion of Tim Taylor the group had many performances 
during the year. The group had no set membership and 
tried to involve as many people as possible. On campus 
performances included the CSM preschool retreat, com- 
munity meetings, and campus revivals. The group also 
sang in area churches, at the Western Correctional Cen- 
ter in Morganton, and the Butner Children's Home. The 
year climaxed with a tour during spring brealc. 

I. Some choir members perform in Bell<. 


New Beginning Singers 


New Beginning is a group open to students by 
audition and is affiliated with the CSM. The group 
had a very active year as they sang on campus and 
other places in the Asheville area. The group sang in 
area churches, childrens' homes, and retirement 
homes. The highlight of the year was the mini-mes- 
ter tour which was part of the curriculum. The group 
rehearsed for two weeks then took a nine-day tour in 
North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. 

1st Row: Joey Orr, Karen Overton, Patti Edwards, Lynda Burnett, 
Donna Sims, Terri Brown, Pam Mollis, Jerry Anderson. 
2nd Row: Ross Newton, Kerry Hinton, Chip Smith, Joe Hand, 
Brian Bennight, Keith Watts. 




The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is open to any 
student with an interest in the organization and the fel- 
lowship it offers. The organization met each week and 
heard a different speaker, who was usually a student. In 
November a leaf raking was held for those in the commu- 
nity who were unable to rake for themselves. FCA also had 
a lock-in in January and sponsored a three-on-three bas- 
ketball tournament. 

FCA Officers: Valerie Valenti, Chris Watts, president, Ame Soldwedel, 
L ynn Flemming, Dalene Vickery, secretary/treasureri Carol McGeei Bo 
James, vice-president. 


French Club 



This club demonstrated members' talents in sever- 
al areas. In the Spring, members participated in the 
Dionysia Theatre at Clemson University. This re- 
quired learning one-act plays in French and then 
competing with other French students. The club also 
worked with the Modern Foreign Language Depart- 
ment in sponsoring Dr. John Rassius, who gave a 
lecture/workshop on the importance of other lan- 
guages and on the different methods of teaching 
language. Members also prepared several French 
food feasts at their club meetings, furthering their 
appreciation and knowledge of French culture. 

French Club members! President, Doris Wilson, Vice- 
President, David Perldnsi Secretary-Treasurer, Melissa Powell) 
Cecil Corni Carolyn Guinn; Christine Harrisi Yvonna Medlin, 
Robin Panther, Marsha Thompson, Cindy Watson, Cindy Rink, 
Ross Newton, Donna Sims. 


■ '"■ 

Spanish Club 


During the year "La Tertulia" planned the cre- 
ation of a Language Center on the third floor of 
Cornwell Hall. The club sought for a stronger unity 
among the students of the Hispanic language and 
also among the various Hispanic families in the 
area. The members also held an annual Christmas 
party and went caroling in the community. 

1st row. Derrick Johnson, Ren Wiles, Teresa Rober- 
son, Laurie Dodgen, Secretary/TreasurenChris Nor- 

2nd row. Dean Dalrymple, President, Lora Watson, 
Mrs. Gwyn Fish, Sponser, Dr. Katherine McCoy. 
Sponser, Archie Jones. 


Alpha Chi 




In October twenty-three new members were in- 
ducted into Mars Hill's scholarship honor society in 
a special candlelight ceremony. During the year the 
chapter sponsored programs featuring guest speak- 
ers who were of interest to the members. 

First row: Janey Pickens, Lisa Laney, Teresa Atldns, Ayse Toygar, Pam Ramsey, Teresa Campbell, Judy Benfield, Beth Abernathy, 
Donna Enochs. Second row: Sharon Hester, Anita Eller, Bobbi Kimsey, Sylvia Honeycutt, Pam Smith, Gus Jenkins, Janice Ballard, Faela 
Maney, Jeanette Gordon, Mike Sitton. Third row: David Rutledge, Houston Roberson, Jane Criminger, Pam Kelley, Sabra Sprinkle, 
Sherry Scales, Ren Wiles, Anita Miller, Kurt Bomar, Lynda Burnett, Dean Dalrymple, Amy Hamrick, Jim Lenburg, Joe Knight, Barbara 
Carter, Cheryl Hall, Rilla Williamson, Ginny Wiggins, Betty Hughes, Winona Bierbaum, Dr. and Mrs. Richard Hoffman. 
Officers: Rilla Williamson, secretary, Mike Sitton, president/ Houston Roberson, vice-president) Dean Dalrymple, historian, Pam 
Smith, treasurer. 






Led by Lisa Laney and Mike Sit ton, the seventeen 
college Marshals served at major campus events 
throughout the year. The group consisted of the top 
students from the Junior and Senior classes. Part of 
their duties consisted of acting as receptionists for the 
alumni during Homecoming and at the dedication of 
"Heritage" by Doug Ferguson. The climax of the year 
was serving at the 'great escape' of the seniors. Gradu- 

1. Nan Pressley and Anne Rogers led seniors to Moore Auditorium 
for Graduation. 

2. Front row: Lynda Burnett, Rilla Williamson, Anne Rogers, Lisa 
Laney, Jerri Campbell, Ricky Anderson. 

Back row: Ren Wiles, Cheryl Hall, Sharon Hester, Pam Kelley. Sylvia 
Honeycutt, Jeanette Gordon, Anita Miller, Mike Sitton. 


Business Honor Club 


This dub recognizes scholarship among busi- 
ness majors. During the year representatives 
from several different businesses spoke at 
meetings. Members had a Christmas party at 
the home of Mildred Bingham. In the spring 
semester members sponsored a service project 
and set up a booth in the Asheville Civic Centet 
during a business convention. 

Seated: David Sperling, advisor, Keitti Leggett, Kurt Bomar, 
Pam Kelley, treasured Rilla Williamson, vice-president) 
Standing: Archie Jones, Susan McSwain, Denise Hender- 
son, secretary, Kim Braddock, Karen Miller, Pam Bailey, 
Sabra Sprinkle, James Holmes, Linda Royal, Cam Terry, 
Cecile Holden, Roy Hunt, president. Nan Pressley, Mark 
Fisher, John Marshall, Ken Sewell. 




This organization is an honor club open to all 
students who have a B or better average in reli- 
gion. The club has the purpose of obtaining per- 
sonal growth and learning for all its members. This 
is achieved through an excellent student-faculty 
relationship. Several meetings were held during 
the year, and members were involved in numerous 
though t-pro voking discussions. 

1st Row: Dr. Page Lee, Pat Forman, Amy Hamriclc, Jo 
Anne Sanderson, Barbara Maultsby, Jeannie Gordon. 
2nd Row: Larry Pritchett, Mm Motes, David Byrd, Greg 
Thompson, Ray Osborne, Dr. Tom Sawyer. 




Phi Alpha Theta 


The History Club continued to be an active 
force on the campus. Twelve new members were 
inducted in the fall, which was followed up by a 
trip to Washington. D.C. over Fall Break. The mem- 
bers continued to meet throughout the year, com- 
bining meetings with special dinners. During the 
spring the group toured Williamsburg and plotted 
excursions for the following year. 

1. Members have a 'sit-in' out- 
side the White House while 
visiting Washington, D.C. 

2. Front: Gregory Crawford. 
1st row: David Perltins, Trea- 
surer/ Neal Childersi Becky 
Eller, Mark Denton, Lisa 
Schmidt: Candy Arnold, Nancy 
White, Secretary, Elisabeth 
Crawford, Ren Wiles, Vice- 
President, Betty Jolley, Ashley 
Crawford, Jon Crawford. 
2nd row: Phil Ray, Houston 
'Suckwad' Roberson, Presi- 
dent, Cus Jenkens, Ron Eller, 
Charlene Ray, Keith Coker, 
Tom Stocks, Harley Jolley, Jim 
Lenburg, Sponser. 




Pi Sigma Phi/Rec Majors 


Professionalism, scholarship, and fitness are the 
key words to this organization. Pi Sig serves as a 
means of widening acquaintances among physical 
education majors. Members attended the Charlotte 
State Convention in November and held a Christmas 
party for the children of Thom's Rehabilitation Cen- 

The Recreation Majors' Organization continued to 
expand. A Softball tournament was sponsored, and a 
festive Christmas party was held in Chambers Gym. 

1. Pi Sigma Phi Officers: Virginia 
Hart, advisor, Colon Wood, 1st 
vice-presidenti Dave Calvert, 
2nd vice-president, Kevin Hart- 
ley, president, Terry Boyles, 
treasurer. Candy Porter, secre- 

2. The Recreation Maiors take 
time to pose at their Christ- 
mas party. 



75— T 

Tri Beta/Science Honor 




The Science Honor clubs are designed for those 
students who have high academic standing in the 
science department. These clubs sponsor lectures 
and other activities which stimulate interest in 
the life sciences. Induction took place in the fall, 
and several programs were held through out the 

1. Tri-Beta: Jean Dillsi Richard Penland, 
Treasurer! Jane Criminger, Dennis Hig- 
gins, Vice-Presidenti Dr. Outten, Advi- 

2. Science Honor, 1st Row, Jane Cri- 
minger, President, Tillie Johnson, Jean 
Dills, Secretary, Lane Raxter. 

2nd Row, Dr. Outten, Advisor, Richard 
Penland, Mark Barbour, Vice-President, 
Dennis Higgins. 

Baily Mountain Cloggers 


The Bailey Mountain Cloggers' purpose is to pre- 
serve the art of clogging, a dance form native to 
the Appalachian region. The clogging team per- 
formed on various occasions, including Lion Safari 
Day and the Bascom Lamar Festival During mini- 
mester, the group toured Florida, clogging in high 

1, 1 The Clogging Team performs during a special meal in the 

3. Everyone gets into the act. 

4. Heather Hyatt attempts a clogging step. 

Concert Band 



The Concert Band ended the year with the 
annual pops concert, a popular feature of 
graduation weekend. Other on-campus con- 
certs during the year were the spring and 
Christmas concerts. In the spring the band 
took a local tour of North Carolina which 
lasted about a week. The highlight of the year 
came in November when the band played for 
the North Carolina Music Educators' Conven- 
tion in Winston-Salem, attended by over 200 
band directors from across the state. 

/. Flute Choir 

2 Concert Band 

S. Director Ray Babelay 

4. Bruce Boyles concentrates on his part. 

5. The trombone section worlcs out a tricl<y 





The College Choir is a group of 42 auditioned 
singers and represents the school through its 
many concerts at churches, schools and profes- 
sional meetings. It has achieved a well-deserved 
reputation as one of the finest collegiate choral 
ensembles in the region. On-campus performances 
included the annual choral clinic concert in Febru- 
ary, the Christmas concert, and a joint program 
with the brass ensembles and flute choir at the 
Mars Hill Baptist Church for Advent season. This 
year's travels took the choir to both North and 
South Carolina and Georgia. 

iaKMtHfun - 

/. Director Bill Thomas 

2. College Choir 

3, 4. The choir rehearses for the 
annual choral clinic concert. 











The college chorus spent many hours rehearsing 
this year to produce two outstanding programs. A 
combined Christmas concert with the college choir 
featured Handel's "Hallelujah Chorus" and ended 
with a beautiful candlelight recessional The chorus 
also presented a combined concert with the choir in 
April, featuring Haydn's "Lord Nelson Mass." 

1. The Mars Hill College Chorus 

2. The chorus and choir join in the Christmas concert. 

M n 

Stage Band 


The Mars Hill College Stage Band consists of 
both music majors and non-music majors and 
has regular rehearsals two nights a week. The 
band took short one and two day trips to local 
high schools for recruitment and played for 
dances in the Asheville area. In the fall the stage 
band did a concert outside the union during 
Southern Awareness Week, and in November 
they played for a fashion sho in the Asheville 
Mall. The band also played for the annual Choral 
Clinic dance. 

I- Carolyn Clark warms up for rehearsal. 
2 Stage Band: Paul Babelay, John Stribling, Brent Conner, 
Tony Bowman, Mark Cabiniss, Stewart Canter, Jimmy 
Joyce, Richard Plyler, Lisa Biley, Joe Nanney, Karen Eng- 
lish, Eric Knisley, Tim Hood, Danny Satterwhite, Cricket 
Bowers, Carolyn Clark, Bruce Boyles, manager, Bruce Bish- 
op, director. 




The college brass and trombone en- 
sembles were active in campus perfor- 
mances during the year. Off campus 
performances included a conference 
sponsored by Hinshaw Music Company 
in Chapel Hill in the fall and a perfor- 
mance at the Biltmore House and Gar- 
dens in Asheville in December. 

I. Brass Ensemble, seated Edie Slattery, Carol Whittemore, 
Caria Bowers, Gloria Petrea, second row-. Steve Lambert, 
John Stribling, John Holmes, Paul Babelay, Bob Ledbetter, 
Kevin Lipe, Carolyn Clark, Richard Plyler, Danny 
Satterwhite, Karen English, Bruce Boyles, Tim Hood, Mark 
Cabaniss, Eugene Cope, Joe Nanney, Jimmy Joyce, Woosh 
Bishop, director. 

2 Trombone Ensemble: Joe Nanney, Carolyn Clark, Danny 
Satterwhite, Bruce Bishop, Jimmy Joyce, Eugene Cope, 
Kevin Lipe. 


Percussion Ensemble 


This ensemble works together to perform all 
types of percussion material and appears in var- 
ious recitals throughout the year. The group 
stresses 'total percussion' and each person 
must learn to play every percussion instrument. 
The five general areas are snare drums, mallett 
instruments. Timpani, Kit, and Idiophones. The 
group is always a favorite feature on depart- 
mental recitals. 

I. A percussionist worlis hard to perfect his art. 
2 Members: Willie Jeffries, Randy Porshia, Paul Babelay, 
Scott Richardson, Bob Ledbetter, Joy Gentile, director, 
John Holmes, Chuck Clark, Susan Handy, Keith Redmond. 

Dance Company 


Dancing is a popular art in many places, and 
Mars Hill is no exception. Members of the 
Dance Company spent many hours studying and 
practicing the various techniques of ballet, 
modern dance, and jazz. During the spring, the 
Company presented a repertory that proved 
their hard wprk had not been wasted. 

1. Dancing classes grew in popu- 
larity among the students. 

2. Lura Edsall, instructor, Suzanne 
Powell. Michelene Connelly, Ame 
Sodelwedel, Leslie Reed, Sharon 
Bethel, Wales Whitehead, Laura 
Edwards, Elizabeth McKinnon, 
Nancy Hayes. 




The main purpose of the Music Teachers National Na- 
ional Association is the advancement of musical knowl- 
'dge and education, and to cooperate with all worthy 
lusical organizations. This year the Student Chapter of 
he MTNA sponsored a chamber music recital by the East 
'ennessee State University String Quartet and an alumna 
>iano recital by Suzanne Dover Dixon. 

First row: Cindy Stanton, John Anglini May Jo Gray, 
advisor, Pat Carpenter, Donna Enochs, Edie Slattery, 
Anita Miller, Casey Dunaway, Mil<e Sitton, Second row, 
Jim Holland, Fritzie Smathers, Nathan Williams, David 
Dawson, Sherry Scales. 




The student chapter of the American Guild of 
Organists serves in a leadership position for 
organists and those interested in church music. 
The organization strives to maintain the highest 
standards of musical achievement in sacred 
music. Sponsoring recitals and holding 
workshops are two of the ways in which the 
student guild stresses the highest levels of 
musical performance. 

I. Melissa Knight. Jerry Anderson, Nellwyn Butterworth, 
W.C. tanning, Jim Holland, president! Donna Robertson, 
advisori Cricket Bowers, Donna Blake, Casey Dunaway. 



The Home Ec. Association experienced an enjoyable 
and successful year. In November several members at- 
tended the state convention in Winston-Salem to learn 
more about consumer needs, new products, and the 
home economics profession. In addition, the club held a 
craft bazaar, tea, and Christmas party. Crafts, needle- 
point, and lingerie were displayed in Wall Science Build- 
ing during January term. 

1. Bonny Nines practices tier coolcing in f/ie home ec Idtchen. 

2. Members prepare a club reception. 

3. Officers, L-R-. Terri Ross. Cindy Dorrity, Andrey Leonhardt, Nan- 
cy Lyon, Jan Tilly, Cathy McCall. 





SNEA is a nation-wide organization which 
prepares college students for being teachers. 
It is an affiliate of the National Education 
Association, the largest and most powerful 
teacher organization in the nation. Members 
planned several programs based on "Quality 
Assurance in Education" and held a panel 
discussion with local superintendents. 

Row I: Mary Anne Belli Kitty Burgin, Melanie 
Gunter, secretary-treasurer, Debbie Rogers, 
reporter, Sara James, Sue Frinic, Dale Blevins, 
Debbie Cooper, Ginny Dodd, Abby Mathis. 
Row 1- Joy Muse, Janet Wallen, Sharon Hester, 
Kevin Hartley, Tammy Hall, Lisa Laney, Janey 
Pickens, Kay Waters, Sally Odom, co-presi- 
dent, Sherri Owens, Kathryn Smith, Kathy 
Metcalf, Cathy Neely, Bill Sears, sponsor. 

Delta Omicron 


D.O., the international professional music fra- 
ternity, continued to promote excellence and fel- 
lowship through music. The sisters sponsored sev- 
eral recitals during the year, including a Patron's 
recital, pledge recital, and the American Compos- 
ers' recital They also served as hostesses for the 
Homecoming Alumni Coffee and musical clinics 
held on campus. The members did several special 
projects, including selling T-shirts to support the 
American Diabetics Association 

1st row: Thecia Huff, Gloria Petrea. Treasurer, Pat Carpen- 
ter, Chaplain, Mary McHarge. 

2nd row, Allison Anderson, Pete Lytle, Sweetheart, Sandra 
Nester, President. 

3rd row: Brenda Halleman, Kim Meacham, Anita Miller. 
Musical Director, Charlotte Tiencken, Martha Hill, Second 
Vice President, Augusta Jenkins, Anne Robertson, First 
Vice President, Karen English, Cindy Dorrity. 



Phi Mu Alpha 


The purpose of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia is to 
encourage and promote the highest standards 
of creativity, performance, education, and 
research in music in America. In the spring this 
nationally affiliated organization sponsored 
"Collegiate Sound," the annual campus-wide 
talent show with scholarship prizes. The 
brothers also sponsored the American 
Composers Recital in the spring. 

I. Seated: Randy Johnson, Ron Andrews, Edie Slattery, 
sweetheart) Casey Dunaway, Mark Cabiniss, secretary. 
Standing! Jim Holland, treasurer) W.C. tanning. Bill 
Jernigan, Jimmy Joyce, president) Mark Pelton, Eugene 
Cope, Bob Myers. 


\ w;fr%. ■; 

Greek Council 


The Council is composed of representatives 
from the eight Greek organizations on campus. 
The Council serves as a governing body by es- 
tablishing certain policies for the fraternities 
and sororities. The members held a Christmas 
party for the children of the Handi-School and 
planned the Greek Ball, which was held in De- 

I. Santa Claus' tallcs to a young girl at the Greek Council 
Christmas party. 

1 Greelt Council: Freddie Clauch, Kim Smith. Sharon Morri- 
son, Cheryl Parman. Maria Smith, Hernethia Jones. Pat 
Carpenter. Kay Waters, Jeff Wade, Doug Korman. Jeff 
White, Johnny Austin, Mark Parnell. 


Alpha Phi Omega 


Alpha Phi Omega is a national service fraternity with 60 
members at Mars Hill, making it the largest Greek organization 
on campus. APO received the first "Outstanding Greek Orga- 
nization" Award in the spring of 1979. Activities for the year 
included sponsoring a backgammon tournament, cleaning up 
the "cliffs" area, various homecoming activities, helping Cali- 
fornia Creek Church with their childrens' Halloween party, and 
the annual rock-a-thon for Easter Seals. The brothers raised 
more than $2000 for Easter Seals in 1979, doubling the previous 
year's total. 

1. APO members: Niclty Adams, Doug Aliff, Ken Anderson, treasurer, Marc 
Annas, Tommy Asliburn, Chuck Augustine, Gary Bass, Tim Carter, Neal 
Cliilders, Doug Cornman, Mark Duke, pledgemaster. Bob Bddins, Dave Gains, 
Louis Golden, Bryan Gosnell, Dale Gosnell, Jim Hagwood, Terry Harnett, Bill 
Hascup, Rick Hodul, Kevin Hopper, John Holmes, Mark Hoyte, John Huf- 
stetler. Ken Hynes, Willie Jeffries, Danny Jenrich, Derrick Johnson, Pat 
Jones, Mark Jordan, Tim Linville, Jeff Mann, John Marshall, secretary, Dar- 
row Mathis. sgt. at arms, Jody Mathis, Greg McGemsey, Dean Moody, Jamie 
Moore, Greg Nally, Richard Penland, Jeff Powell, Billy Rogers, Perrin Seigler, 
Sam Tunstall, Ben Vogler, Jeff Wade, vice-president, David Ward, president, 
John Waring, Chris Watts, chaplain, Steve Wilent, David Williams, Glen 
Willis, John Wood, Julian Wright. 

2. Bonnie Davis, sweetheart. 

3. Jim Hagwood makes an enthusiastic pledge. 


Delta Kappa Theta 


The brothers of Delta Kappa Theta had an- 
other active year with many service and social 
activities. The fraternity sponsored its semi- 
annual blood drive with the Red Cross Bloodmo- 
bile and held an Easter party for the Handy Day 
School in Mars Hill. The brothers also aided the 
community by doing odd jobs for those who 
were unable. The highlight of the year's activi- 
ties, as in past years, was the Rose Ball, which is 
Delta Kappa Theta 's formal dance. 

I. Brothers stuff envelopes for the Admissions Office to send 
information to prospective students. 

i Standing: David Mathews, advisor, Darryl Mortom Dwayne 
Davis, Woody Sprouse, president, Mark Parnell. chaplain, Joe 

Testino, Jeff Dotson, Lynn Roach, Dale Blevins, historian. Seated: 
Lee Gordon, Eric Theall, Larry Wynne, Colin Christie, Jimmy 
Guild, Lee Propst, treasurer, Jeff White, warden,M Monty Mc- 


Sigma Kappa Lamba 



Thanks to a successful pledge season, 
SKL experienced a growth in member- 
ship. The brothers continued their tradi- 
tion of an active social life and were 
involved in several community services. 
They also held fund-raising projects for 
the Heart Fund. 

Seated, Steve Ferguson, Jofinny Austin, Jolin Whit- 
ley. Jeff Dunn, Andy Marks, Keitfi Harrison, David 
Neighbors, James Miller. 

Standing: Mike Strickland, Mike Bloodworth, Ken 
Gentry, Paul Wright, Brian Earles. 



Delta Phi Zeta 


Delta Phi Zeta is one of the oldest and smallest sororities 
on campus. The girls planned an active year with a number of 
service projects. The sorority supported an eight-year-old 
boy with leukemia by collecting money in decorated cans. 
The girls also cleaned the Mars Hill Methodist Church regu- 
larly and the goal was to raise money for the Shriners' 
Hospital for crippled children. Other activities included a 
homecoming tea for the Sadie Hawkins Dance, car washes 
and bake sales. 

Seated: Deannie Mossi Lora Watson, Terri 
Frazier, Joy Dral<ei Jill Tobey. Standing: 
Cheryl Brothi Becky Fox, secretary, Kay 
Waters, president, Hernetha Jones, vice- 
president, Lydia Goforth. 


Omega Kappa Alpha 


Omega Kappa Alpha remained one of the most active sororities on 
campus by sponsoring many activities throughout the year. The 
sorrority assisted Delta Kappa Theta with their semi-annual blood drive 
and collected canned goods to give to an elderly lady at Thanksgiving. 
Homecoming activities included a skit at the Lion Growl, an alumnae 
brunch for sisters, and a float in the Homecoming parade. The annual 
see-saw-athon was held to raise money for the American Diabetics 
Association. The sisters alternated keeping the nursery for the Mars Hil 
United Methodist Church, and in October a sisterhood retreat was held 
in the coffeehouse. The sisters also raked leaves in front of Blackwell 
Hall in November as a service project. 

Row I: Linda Hughes, Maria Smitli, treasurer, Trudie Goodrich, Debbie Dill, 
parlimentarian. Row 2 Cindy Dorrity, historian, Beth Boger, Kay Cunningham, Melanie 
Hall, Susie Forman, Beth Machen. Row 3: Kim Blaylock, Gail Webster, advisor, Gail 
Hudspeth, Jenny Stigall, chaplain, Fran Shelton, Cecile Holden. Row 4, Tina Brewton, 
president, Jan Tilley, Catherine Smith, Cathy McCluskey, Tammy Hall, Debbie Hutchins, 
Cathy Mabry, secretary, Ann Gorff, Jan Secrest, Glenda Hunt. 



Sigma Alpha Chi 


Sigma is a social-service sorority which helps to de- 
velop a lively, wholesome campus spirit. The sisters 
were involved in a wide number of activities. They 
assisted with the McConnell gym clean-up, helped the 
refugee family, painted lion paws on the sidewalks, sold 
glass coasters, and participated in the intramural pro- 
grams. The girls took a break from their activities in 
the spring and vacationed at the beach. 

1. Sigma pleadges smile after anottier day of "Hell Week. " 

2. Row /. Pam Mitchell, Shawn Henderson, Chaplain; Karen Smith, 
Social Chairman, Myrtle Foust, Ann Fish, Denise Duncan, Kathy 
Allen, Charlene Ray, Corresponding Secretary, Jennifer Taylor. 
Row 2: Donna Stanley, Service Chairman, Lynn Puckett, Record- 
ing Secretary, Irish West, Pledge Mistress, Patty Anderson, Deb- 
bie Wetherly, Lisa Tate, Pam Bailey, Melanie Gunter, Vice Presi- 
dent, Dot Blair, Pledge Mistress, Nancy Lyon, President, Beverly 
Souther, Pam Smith, Terry Vassey, Sharon Morrison. 




'f — 

Senior class officers: Debo Matheson, Secretary, Laura Malone, Treasurer! Kay Irwin, 
Vice-President, Mark Barbour, President. 
Alewine, Roger W. 
Mars Hill, N.C. Church Music 
Anders, Nancy Elizabeth 
Mars Hill, N.C. Office Administration 
Anderson, Cynthia Alison 
Spartanburg, S.C. Music Education ^Bi ^ _ I^^M ^^^ ' J^^H ^^A ^ ^ 

Anderson, Jerome Murphy 
Glen Alpine, N.C. Music Education 

Anderson, William Richard 

Mars Hill, N.C. Mathematics 

Andrews, Arthur Ronald 

Winston-Salem, N.C. Theatre Arts 

Annas, Marc Douglas 

Rutherford College, N.C. Chemistry 

Atliins, Teresa Gail 

Mocks ville, N.C. Fashion Merchandising 

August en, Ramona Eller 

Mars Hill, N.C. Elementary Education 

Augustine, Charles Eugene Jr. 

Prosperity, S.C. Physical Education 

Ballew, Ray Charles, Jr. 

Greenville. S.C. Business Administration 

Barbour. Mark Wilhelm 

Marietta. Ga. English 


Barner. John Darnell 
Guyton, Georgia Religion 
Beasley. Brenda Gale 
Richmond, Va. Music Education 
Beasley, Carol Elaine 
Winston-Salem, N.C. Recreation 
Beck, Sherry Kay 
Elon College, N.C. Art Studio Work 

Bell, Mary Anne 

Greenville, De. Elementary Ed. 

Bennett, John L. 

Gaffney, S.C. Recreation 

Bentley, Stephen Blake 

Mars Hill, N.C. Undecided 

Blair, Dorothy Elizabeth 

Lithia Springs. Ga. Home Economics 

Blossfield, Kathleen Anne 

Mars Hill, N.C. Psychology 

Blue, Kathryn 

Dublin, Ga. Recreation 

Bomar, Kurt Joseph 

Banner Elk, N.C. Accounting 

Bounds, Joseph K. 

Mars Hill, N.C. Religion 

Boyles, Bruce Willard 

Kings Mountain, N.C. Music Education 

Boyles, Terry Lee 

Cramerton, N.C. Physical Education 

Bradach, Kimberly Ann 

Marshall, N.C. Accounting 

Brewton, Tina Maria 

Doraville, Ga. Accounting 

Britt, Patricia Lynne 

North Augusta, Ga. Fashion Merchandising 

Brooks, Wanda Sue 

Waynesville, N.C. Social Work 

Brown, Daryl E. 

Spruce Pine, N.C. Accounting 

Brown, Marie O'Bed 

Mars Hill, N.C. Office Administration 

Buckner, Jerome Dallas 
Mars Hill, N.C. Chemistry 
Buckner, Michael Joseph 
Gastonia, N.C. Music Education 
Burrgess, Comena Catherine 
Statesville. N.C. Accounting 
Burgin, Katherine J. 
Waynesville, N.C. Elementary Ed. 

Byars, Alma Jean 

Greer, S.C. Art Studio Work 

Caldwell, Joyce A. 

Asheville, N.C. Business Administration 

Campbell, Teresa Allen 

Chester, S.C. Chemistry 

Cann, James Marty 

Calhoun Falls, S.C. Physical Education 

Canter, Stewart Jay 

Weaverville, N.C. Music Education 

Carter, Barbara Ann 

Durham, N.C. Mathematics 

Carter, Charles Timothy 

Fountain Valley, Cal. Chemistry 

Chandler, Kathy Elaine 

Weaverville, N.C. Social Work 

Chandler, Lou Anne 

Marshall, N.C. Elementary Education 

Chapman, Evelyn Lee 

Cherryville, N.C. Social Work 

Chase, William N. 

Springfield, Va. Religion 

Cline, Vicki Lee 

Albemarle, N.C. Social Work 

Cogdill, Debra Jean 

Marion, N.C. Art Studio Work 

Coker, Keith D. 

Myakka City, Fl. History 

Conner, Channa G. 

Irmo, S.C. Business Administration 

Covert, Charles Wilbur, Jr. 

Greensboro, N.C. Social Work 

Creson, Gary Dennis 

Nebo, N.C. Art History/Aesthetics 

Cunningham, Annabelle 

Greenville, S.C. Childcare Education 

Dalrymple, Frederick Dean 

Murphy, N.C. Spanish 

Daniels, Carrie A. 

Hialeah, FL. Social Work 

Davis, Timothy Kent 

Murphy, N.C. Business Administration 

Dehart, Alice Jeane 

Bryson City, N.C. Social Work 

Denton, Mark Steven 

Mocksville, N.C. History 

Devlin, Daniel Lee 

Canton, N.C. Business Administration 



/4 collapsed pyramid of students pro- 
vided much laughter at a football game. 

Deweese, Vicki L. 

Alexander, N.C. Accounting 

Diecidue, Lori Lee 

Miami, Fl. Business Administration 

Dodd, Virginia Lynne 

Hialeah, Fl. Education/Library Science 

Duke, Mark Stewart 

Cary, N.C. Recreation 

Eddins, Robert Earl 

Madison, Va. Business Administration 

Edwards, Laura Kate 

Spruce Pine, N.C. Physical Education 

Edwards, Martha Frances 

Clover, S.C. Social Work 

Fish, Carry Lee 

Canton, N.C. Chemistry 

Fish, Malona Ann 

Mars Hill, N.C. Social Work 

Fisher, Mark Christian 

Charlotte, N.C. Economics 

Fleming, Mary Lynn 

Morgan ton, N.C. Religion 

Flynt, Henry Clay 

Kernersville, N.C. Business Administration 

Fortune, Elizabeth Falls 

Kingsport, Tenn. Music Education 

Fox, Rebecca Jean 

Marshall, N.C. Business Administration 

Frink, Martha Sue 

Bladenboro, N.C. Elementary Education 

Garren. Mark Benfield 

Greenville, Tenn. Chemistry 

Gates, Mary Kathryn 

Cary. N.C. Social Work 

Gelabert, Danilo D. 

Key West, Fl. Religious Education 

Go forth, Linda Ann 

Hickory, N.C. Business Administration 

Go forth, Lydia M. 

Statesville, N.C. Social Work 

Goodrich, Frances Trudie 

Carrollton, Ga. Social Work 

Graver, Ann Louise 

Randolph, N.J. Biology 

Green, Janet M. 

Weaverville, N.C. Elementary Education 

Griffin, Harry 

Asheville, N.C. Physical Education 

Gunter, Melanie Maureen 

Conyers, Ga. Elementary Education 

Hall, Tamalia Lynn 

Franklin, N.C. Education/Library Science 

Hamilton, Brenda Kay 

Vero Beach, FL English 

Harmon, Nancy Marguerite 

Camden, S.C. Theatre Arts 

Harrell, Stephen Alexander 

Ardend, N.C. History 

Hartley, Kevin Brian 

Goldsboro, N.C. Physical Education 

Hawk, Carole Virginia 

Andrews, N.C. Social Work 

Henderson, Denise Lynn 

Overland Park, Kan. Business Administration 

Henderson, Shawn 

Greer, S.C. Psychology 

Hill, Martha Louise 

Mt. Airy, N.C. Theatre Arts 

Hodul, Richard Thomas 

Fayetteville, N.C. History 

Hollo way, Keith E. 

Marble, N.C. Physical Education 


Holmes, John F. 

Greenville, S.C. Music Education 

Honeycutt, Sylvia D. 

Asheville, N.C. Office Administration 

Hudspeth, Lucinda Gail 

Panama City, Fl. Social Work 

Huff, Thecia Darlen 

Greenville, S.C. Music 

Hughes, Linda Annette 

Murphy, N.C. Social Work 

Hughes, Robert Anderson 

Dallas, Tx. Education/Library Science 

Hunt, Roy Allen 

Columbia. S.C. Accounting 

Huskey, Edward W. 

Cherokee, N.C. Business Administration 

Hutto, Jennifer Joan 

Hartsville, S.C. Fashion Merchandising 

Icenhower, Donald Mack 

Tapoco, N.C. Physical Education 

Irwin, Pamela Kay 

Sparta, N.C. Social Work 

James, Timothy H. 

Clayton, Ga. Physical Education 

Jay, Dana Leigh 

Ellicott City, Md. Business Administration 

Jenkins, Augusta Ann 

Mars Hill, N.C. History 

Johnson, Robert Keith 

Fayetteville, N.C. Recreation 

Johnson, William A. 

Mars Hill, N.C. Undecided 

Jones, Archie Valejo, Jr. 

Mocks ville, N.C. Business Administration 

Jones, Patrick Brunson 

Lynn Haven, FL Accounting 

Jones, Sheree H. 

West Jefferson, N.C. Religion/Philosophy 

Jones, Suzanne Dehart 

Asheville, N.C. Social Work 

Joyce, Jimmy Gray 

Madison, N.C. Music Education 

Knight, Melissa 

Asheville, N.C. Music 

Lafone, Shari Diane 

Hickory, N.C. History 

Laney, Melissa L. 

Nebo, N.C. Elementary Education 

La them, Frances Louise 

Easley, S.C. Recreation 

Ledbetter, Robert Bryan 

Asheville, N.C, Music 

Leggett, Keith James 

Washington, D.C. Business/Economics 

Loflin. William E. 

Salisbury, N.C. Religion 

Lyon, Nancy Moseley 

Chadbourn, N.C. Fashion Merchandising 

Malone, Laura Elizabeth 

St. Petersburg, Fl. Home Economics 

Marshall, John Home 

Jacksonville, N.C. Business Administration 

Matheson, Debra Anne 

Andrews, N.C. Business Administration 

Mathis, Deborah Gail 

Andrews, N.C. Education/Library Science 

McDonald, William D. 

Charlotte, N.C. Music Education 

McElrath, Gregory Dean 

Candler. N.C. Business Administration 

McGee, Carol Lynn 

Spartanburg, S.C. Psychology 

■ ^ '^^^H ^^H ^oV^H ^^^n^ ^>^^^l ^^^^b 

Students relax on the cafeteria 
steps before returning to the 

McGhthlin, Vickie Earlene 
Kingspon, Tenn. Art Education 
McKinney, Blaine 
Bakersville, N.C. Biology 
McKinney, Gloria Lynn 
Franklin, N.C. Art Studio Work 
McMichael, Cheryl L ynn 
Pompano Beach, Fl. History 

McPeters, Kent Curtis 

Mars Hill, N.C. Accounting 

Meacham, Regina Kim 

Taylors, S.C. Music Education 

Melin, Ernest L., Jr. 

Mars Hill, N.C. Psychology 

Miles, Donald Wayne, Jr. 

Sparta, N.C. Business Administration 

Miller, Danny Keith 

Canton, N.C. Physical Education 

Miller, Karen Bonita 

Kinston. N.C. Accounting 

Moody, Larry Dean 

Asheboro, N.C. Political Science 

Moore, Martha Lynne 

Lenior, N.C. Music Performance 

Moss, Margaret Tabor 

Mars Hill, N.C. Home Economics 

Muse, Joy Elaine 

Waynesville. N.C. Education/Library Science 

Myers, Bobby Garrison 

Gastonia, N.C. Business Administration 

Neely, Jeffrey Kime 

Greer, S.C. Physical Education 

Neely, Margaret Catherine 

Greer, S.C. Education/Library Science 

Newton, James Russ 

Macon, Ga. Music 

Norton, Darryl Ray 

Mars Hill, N.C. Accounting 

Odom, Sally Yvonne 

Robbinsville, N.C. Elementary Education 

O'Neal. David Allen 

Lake Worth, Fl. Physical Education 

Pardue, Mark William 

Roaring River, N.C. Fashion Merchandising 

Parnell, Mark V. 

Durham, N.C. Religion 

Patterson, John W. 

Montezuma, Ga. Elementary Education 


Penland, Barbara Zimmerman 

Marshall, N.C. Music 

Penland, Richard H. 

Asheville, S.C. Biology 

Petrea, Gloria Dawn 

Kannapolis, N.C. Music 

Phelps, Susan Carol 

Miami, Fl. Church Music 

Pickens, Mary Jane 

Education/Library Science 

Plemmons, Michael Perry 

Waynesville, N.C. Business Administration 

Plyler, Richard Glenn 

Kings Mountain, N.C. Music 

Porshia, David Randy 

Asheville, N.C. Music Education 

Potts, Rena M. 

Stanley, N.C. Music Education 

Pressley, Nan W. 

Weaverville, N.C. Accounting 

Props t, Walter Lee III 

Sarasota, Fl. Psychology 

Puckett, Martha Lynne 

Murfreesboro, Tenn. Physical Education 

Ramsey, Marilyn 

Marshall, N.C. Economics 

Ramsey, Pamela Maxwell 

Marshall, N.C. English 

Ramsey, Timothy C. 

Marshall, N.C. Recreation 

Raney, Elizabeth A. 

Atlanta, Ga. Recreation 

Ray, Phillip Eugene 

Burnsville, N.C. Political Science 

Redmon, Keith Randall 

Asheville, N.C. Music Performance 

Reed, Leslie Wikoff 

Doylestown, Penn. Accounting 

Roach, Lynnwood Mark 

Reidsville, N.C. Accounting 

Roberson, Houston Bryan 

Stuart, Va. History 

Roberts, Debra J. 

Asheville, N.C. Social Work 

Robertson, Evelyn Annette 

Taylors, S.C. Music Education 

Rogers, Anne Bennett 

Taylors, S.C. Art Studio Work 



Rogers, Debra Jean 

Fairview, N.C. Elementary Education 

Rowe, Paul Russell 

Burnsville, N.C. Business Administration 

Rutledge. David Philip 

Richmond, Va. Psychology 

Scales, Sharon Elise 

Greensboro, N.C. Music 

Schmidt, Lisa Ann 

Morgan ton, N.C. History 

Sewell, Kenneth Thompson 

North Augusta, S.C. Business Administration 

Shelton. Michael R. 

Asheville. N.C. Physicians Assistant 

Shelton. Rhonda Ann 

Leicester, N.C. Music 

Shelton, Susan Elizabeth 

Hendersonville, N.C. Nursing 

Shumate, Sarah Jane 

Miami, FL English 

Sitton, Michael Randy 

Horse Shoe, N.C. Music Performance 

Smathers, Donna Lee 

Canton, N.C. Social Work 

Smith, Donna Sue 

Winter Park, FL Music 

Smith, Maria Joyce 

Greensboro, N.C. Music Education 

Smith, Mary Catherine 

Georgetown. S.C. Education/Library Science 

Smith, Royanna Hall 

Asheville, N.C. Home Economics 

Smith, Russell Sherman 
Taylor, S.C. Social Work 
Spanier, Melane Lynn 
Hialeah, FL Church Music 
Springfield, L. Perry 
Mars Hill. N.C. Accounting 
Sprinkle, Sabra Louise 
Marshall, N.C. Accounting 

Sprouse, Paul Woodrow, Jr. 

Durham, N.C. Psychology 

Staton, Darrell Keith 

Spruce Pine, N.C. Accounting 

Stigall, Jenny Lynn 

New Mil ford. Conn. Religion 

Stocks, Thomas Floyd 

Lynchburg, Va. Sociology/History 

Stroup, Matthrew Alfred 

Cheeryville, N.C. History 

Terry, John Cameron 

Belvedere, S.C. Accounting 

Thomas, Jan 

Bakersville, N.C. Social Work 

Thompson, Susan Gay 

Williamsville, N. Y. Social Work 

Toy gar, Ayse N. 

Mars Hill, N.C. Home Economics 

Tunstall, Henry Samuel 

Winter Park, Fl. Fashion Merchandising 

Valenti, Valerie J. 

Jupiter, Fl. Physical Education 

Vilcinskas, Joan Barbara 

Toms River, N.J, Elementary Education 

Vogler, Benjamin Thomas 

Reidsville, N.C. Church Music 

Wade, Jeffrey Lee 

Winston-Salem, N.C. Business Administration 

Walker, Shelia Ann 

Mocksville, N.C. Physical Education 

Wallen, Janet Arlene 

Weaverville, N.C. Elementary Education 

Ward, David P. 

Knoxville, Tenn. Political Science 

Waters, Kay Rebecca 

Greenville, S.C. Elementary Education 

Watts, Christopher Lee 

Doraville, Ga. Physical Education 

Watts, Franklin Glenn 

Taylorsville, N.C. Political Science 

West, Katherine Gail 

Andrews, N.C. Social Work 

West, Marilyn Elaine 

Andrews, N.C. Education/Library Science 

West, Patricia Ann 

Myrtle Beach, S.C. Art 

West, William Jeffrey 

Canton, N.C. Sociology 

Wetherington. Lauri Marie 

Green Cove Springs, Fl. Psychology 

White, Nancy Elaine 

Bassett, Va. History 

Whitehead, Wales Ovivia 

Dunedin, Fl. Sociology 

Whitley, Charles Henry, Jr. 

Rocky Mount, N.C. Psychology 


m ^ 

Wiggins, Virginia Caroline 
Greenwood, S.C. Recreation 
Wilent, Stephen Douglas 
Cherry ville, N.C. Chemistry 
Williamson, Rilla Marie 
Franklin, N.C. Accounting 
Wilson, Harry Michael 
Asheville, N.C. Accounting 

Wood, John Hutchinson, Jr. 

Lincolnton, N.C. Business Administration 

Worley, John M. 

Mars Hill, N.C. Undecided 

Wright, Julian K. 

Gaffney, S.C. Business Administration 

Wright, Paul Lewis 

Lincolnton, N.C. Psychology 

Young, Sarah Kalherine 
Weaverville, N.C. Social Work 

John Bennett and Gary 
Bass attempt to laugh over 
a difficult homework as- 



Who's Who 


The seniors who were selected to be in 
"Who's Who Among Students in American Col- 
leges and Universities" were chosen on the ba- 
sis of their academic achievements, community 
service, campus leadership, and potential. 
These students were nominated by a committee 
composed of student leaders, faculty, and ad- 


«**» "'1^ 

/. William Anderson 

2. Shari Lafone 

3. Lisa Laney 

4. Dwayne Davis 

5. Mike Sitton 

6. Houston Roberson 

7. Bruce Boyles 

8. Joe Bounds 

9. John Bennett 







Elaine McKinney 
Joe Knight 
Kay Irwin 
Dean Dalrymple 
Tom Stocks 
Kurt Bomar 
Teresa Campbell 
Steve Maennle 
Scott Mims 
Steve Wilent 




/. Suzanne Powell 
2 Mark Pardue 

3. Tim Carter 

4. Archie Jones 

5. Chris Watts 

6. Mickie Hoffman 

7. Ken Sew ell 

8. Barbara Carter 

9. Roy Hunt 

10. Rilla Williamson 

11. Mark Barbour 

Class Officers: Bill Rogers, President, 

Robin Rensink, Secretary, Jeanne 

Gordon, Treasurer, David Huffman. 


Abernathy, Elizabeth Lynn 

Anderson, Edward Brent 

Anderson, Philip Cary 

Atkinson, David Glenn 

Austin, John Thomas 

Bailey, Pamela Diane 

Baldwin, Stephen Maxwell 

Ballard. Janice Carolyn 

Barnes, William Robert 

Bass, Ernie T. 

Bauguess, Rina Machelle 

Beck, Kimberly Dawn 

Becton, Elizabeth Ann 

Benfield, Judy Ann 

Billings, Danny Ray 

Blake, Donna Rae 

Blaylock, Kimberly Rene 

Bowdre, Karen Elizabeth 

Bridges, Steven Wiley 

Br y son. Susan Lynn 



Bumgardner, Mark Wayne 
Bunn, John D. 
Burnett, James M. 
Burnett, Lynda Kaye 
Byram, Cynthia Marie 

Byrd, Carol A. 
Cagle, Laura Denise 
Calhoun, Kim M. 
Campbell, Debra Ann 
Carpenter, Patricia Ann 

Case, Robin Jean 
Clark, Mark 

Clauhs, Frederick Walter 
Coates, Martha Ann 
Cody, Michael Amos 

Compton, Kathy Lynn 
Connelly, Michelene Marie 
Cook, Cynthia Darlene 
Crawford, Charles Thomas 
Criminger, Barbara Jane 

Robin Rensink enjoys a muddy Softball 



Cunningham, Doris Kay 

Curtis, Stephen Thomas 

Davie, Ruth Lynn 

Dawson, David H. 

Dills, Teresa Jean 

Dorrity, Cynthia Cole 

Duckett, Robert Eugene 

Edwards, Patricia Lynn 

Eller, Anita Lynn 

Elton, Lisa Caryn 

English, Karen Robin 

Enochs, Donna Gray 

Farr, Dale Robert 

Flowers, William Jeffrey 

For man, Susan L. 

Foust, Myrtle Berteen 

Frady, Jimmy Ray 

Gordon, Jeanette 

Gorff, Virginia Ann 

Guild, James Sylvester 

Gulledge, Johnny At 

Guy, Mark L. 

Hall, Cheryl Sue 

Hamilton, Edwin Peyton 

Hamrick, Amy Watson 

Harkins, Frankie Eugenia 

Hawley, Amelia Ann 

Hayes, Patricia Anne 

Heaton, Richard David 

Hensley, Debra Faye 

Hester, Sharon Kay 

Hill, Constance Diane 

Hinton, Kerry Mark 

Hipps, Laura Rene 

Hoffman, Mickie Diane 


M Hk 


T^^( ~ # 

\terrrn~g^ — ^ 

P>^ ■ il 

^HJ^HDBBfiia us 1 



Two students take a break between 

Holcombe, Bonnie Pearl 
Holden, Mauvareen Cecile 
Holmes, James Edward 
Huffman, David Wayne 
Huskins, Marcia Parker 

Hutchins, Debra Ann 
Hutchinson, Wayne Leslie 
Jefferies. Willie Cornelius 
Jenrich, Roy Daniel 
Johnson, Angela Darlene 

Jonas, William Glenn, Jr. 
Jones, Florence Hernethea 
Jones, Judith Caroline 
Jowers, Nancy Carole 
Kelley, Pamela Lynne 

Kimsey, Bobbi Lou 
Kinsland, Deborah Ann 
Knight, Rebecca Ruth 
Lackey, Raymond Mark 
Laney, Leisa 


illl!!l!PimnmMin!niiMiOT!ffKrofli;ri;ffiim;ii(ir«in^ nciiiiiiiiiiiin:;- :\:v 

Lawhorn, Joyce Lynn 
La wing, Claudia Jean 
Lee, Karen Ann 
Lewis, Cynthia Louise 
Lyda, Mary Katherine 

Lyon, Karl Victor. Ill 

Mabry, Cathy Christina 

Machen, Nancy Elizabeth 

Maney, Faela Jeannette 

Mann, Jeffery Loy 

Martin, Billy Joe, Jr. 

Mathis, Clinton Darrow 

Mathis. Joseph D. 

McClellan, Cathy McCall 

McGaha, Timothy Duane 

McGee, Cynthia Vann 

McGimsey, Gregory Theodore 

McKay, Ann Carlisle 

McSwain, Susan Kathleen 

Miller, Anita Jane 

Jeff Mann and John Marshall take a 
walk on a warm spring day. 


Students cheer the Lions on during 
a football game. 

Mints, Catherine Eunice 
Mitchell, Pamela Cecile 
Moore, Mark Wendell 
Morris, John B. 
Moss, Ronald Wade 

Motes, James Ezra 
Murrell, Helen Louise 
Odom, Sandra Ellen 
O'Kain, Linda Gail 
O'Neal. Mildred BIy 

Orr, Jacob Joel, III 
Parks, Katherine Elise 
Parry, Catherine Denise 
Part on, Larry Dean 
Pelton, Mark Gregory 

Portor, Candis Hugh 
Powell, Suzanne 
Raxter, Lane Wesley 
Ray, G. Douglas 
Reel, Cheryl Dianne 

Reese, Debra Jan 

Rensink, Robin Dianne 

Rhinehart, Mary Elizabeth 

Rice, Wavel Karen Delane 

Richards, Melissa Charlotte 

Rogers, Vicki L. 

Rogers. William E. 

Royal, Linda Kay 

Russ, Julious Lloyd 

Sanderson, Jo Anne 

Searcy, Clifton Wade 
Shackleton, Janet Abida 

Shelton, Frances Ann 

Shuford, Phillip Andrew 

Sims, Deborah O. 

Slattery, Edith Amelia 

Smart, Victoria Lynn 

Smith, Edwin Frederick 

Smith, Karen Marie 

Smith, Nancy L. 

Smith, Pamela Denise 

Smith, Steven Michael 

Smith, Vicki Lea 

Soldwedel, Amelia Mary 

Somers, Perry Dean 

Stanley, Donna Grace 

Staschke, Kurt Raymond 

Steelman, Hilda Jan 

Swann, David Randolph 

Tate, Lisa Ann 

Taylor, Jennifer 

Taylor, Michael Richard 

Taylor, Paul Timothy 

Tbeall, Thomas Eric 

Thomas, Kimberly Ann 




*t v-s»5iia.;>: 

A student enjoys a football game 
during his spare time. 

Tucker, Ricky Lawrence 
Unsworth, Allyson T. 
Upton, Jack Butler 
Van Gorder, Charles O., Ill 
Vaughn, Kelley Rae 

Vickery, Miriam Dalene 
Wallin, Sandra Kaye 
Watson, Edith Maurine 
Weaver, John Mark 
Whitaker, Daniel Wayne 

Wiles, Ren Everett 
Wise, Adora Faith 
Wood, Ellyn Kaye 
Woodburn, Lynda Lee 
Wright, John Patrick 




Class Officers: Derrick Johnson, 

President: Jimmy Bame, Treasurer: 

Tom Einstein, Senator: Marsha 

Thomson, Vice-President. 


Adams, Nicliey L. 

Adams, Rebecca M. 

Aliff, Douglas T. 

Allen, Tina Marie 

Ammone. Oliver 

Anderson, Donna M. 

Anderson, Eugenia P. 

Anderson, Kenneth R. 

Arnold, Candius L. 

Ashburn, Thomas E. 

Ballard, Carmen L. 

Ballew, Catherine A. 

Bame, James Henry, Jr. 

Barker, Katherine Faye 

Barrett, Geneva A. 

Bass. Gary R. 

Bass, William Clyde. Jr. 

Bateman, Joseph J. 

Behl. Andrew V. 

Bennett, Tina Marie 


Bily. Lisa B. 
Biss. Barbara J. 
Boger, Donna B. 
Boone. Sharon A. 
Boren, Norma Sarah 

Bracey, Mary Lois 
Branon, Cindy A. 
Briggs, Cecilia E. 
Buchanan, Patricia J. 
Buckner, Patricia D. 

Bullard. Miriam K. 
Burnett. Anthony T. 
Butterworth. Nellwyn E. 
Byrd, Becky Devine 
Byrd. David R. 

Cabiniss, Mark 6. 
Campbell. Robert H. 
Carawan, Beth J. 
Carper, Dianna K. 
Carter, Charleata A. 

Carter, Donna G. 
Chaffee, Anita L. 
Childers, Nancy L. 
Clark, Carolyn J. 
Clark, Ronald Pat 

Clarke, Laurie Read 
Clower, Jesse C. 
Conner, Brent M. 
Cope. Eugene T. 
Corbin, Nancy S. 

Cowan, Jesse B. 
Cowart, Julia A. 
Crawford. Martha A. 
Criminger, Betsy L. 
Cutshall, Nancy 


Dale, Daniel W. 

Davis, Lisa 

Davis, Terri Lynn 

Dean, Betsy M. 

Dominy, Cynthia Louise 

Dunaway, David Casey 

Duncan, Donna Denise 

Duncan, Suzanne R. 

Bdmisten, Marilyn H. 

Edwards, Patti Y. 

Einstein, Thomas L., Ill 

Elliott, Penny G. 

Emory, Connie L. 

English, Alan D. 

Enscore, Russell £. 

Fincannon, Daniel S. 

Flora, Angela D. 

Forman, Patricia Ann 

Foster. Jan R. 

Frisby, Penelope Ann 

Marilyn Edmisten enjoys a cup of 
eggnog in the home ec. kitchen. 


Students take advantage of a warm 
spring day. 

Garren, Doris Marie 
Geer, Mary Ann 
George, James f., Jr. 
Geouge, Susan L. 
Goodson, Kimberly M. 

Gossett, Darryl L. 
Greene, Vetina L. 
Greer, Lorraine 
Greer, Pamela L. 
Griffin, Denise Eileen 

Hagwood, James Rudolph, Jr. 

Hall, Melanie J. 

Hall, Richard E. 

Hand, Joseph Cornelius, III 

Harding, Jeffery B. 

Harris, Christine 
Harris, John Mark 
Harrison, Franklin Keith 
Harter, Kathy F. 
Hascup, William D. 


Hedrick, Laurie L. 

Helton, Vickie M. 

Hensley, Frances Renee 

Mines, Larry P. 

Holcomb, Cynthia C. 

Honeycutt, Sheila Elizabeth 

Hooper, Kevin D. 

Hudson, Laura V. 

Huffman, Kimberly A. 

Huffstetler, Jonathan L. 

Hunt, Glenda L. 
Hutchinson, Betty Teresa 
Jacobs, Craig T. 
James, Perry A. 
James, Terry R. 

Jarvis, Rebecca A. 

Jernigan, William E., Jr. 

Johnson, David E. 

Johnson, Derrick 

Johnson, Mary Matilda 

Johnson, Ronald L. 

Jones Mark 

Jones, Robin K. 

Kasey, Robin S. 

Kasper, Charles Wayne 

Kelly. Emily I. 

King, Barry R. 

King, Gina L. 

Kinney, Brenda J. 

Koontz, Scarlett S. 

Lanning, Christopher Todd 

Lanning, William C, Jr. 

Led ford, Charles R. 

Led ford, Kyle W. 

Linker, Donna K. 


Home ec. students celebrate the 
Christmas season. 

Linville, Timothy 
Lunsford, Connie Diane 
MacKinnon, Julia R. 
Mason. Ronald L. 
McCluskey, Cathy L. 

McCombs, Thomas H. 
McCracken, Teresa L. 
McCraw, Brenda Kay 
McDaniel, Mary Katherine 
McHarge. Mary R. 

McKinney, Cathy D. 
McKinnon, Elizabeth A. 
Metcalf, Victoria L. 
Miles, Laura A. 
Milholen, James Edward 

Miller, John David 
Mitchell. Thomas W. 
Monteith, Lisa N. 
Moore, Deborah M. 
Moore, Erancisca L. 


Morris, Kevin Craig 

Morrison, Sharon B. 

Murray, Michael L. 

Nichols, Tammy Marie 

Nipper, Rhonda L. 

Orr, Gary S. 

Osborne, Raymond Charles 

Padgett, Hillary Elizabeth 

Palmer, Deborah L. 

Patterson, Lorie Elaine 

A Lions fan gets a shot of 
the crowd. 

Perkins, William David 

Peterson, Susan Renee 

Peterson, Terry James 

Powell, Frances M. 

Presnell, Janet Leigh 

Pritchett, Larry R. 

Provan, Laura Anne 

Quails, Karen Lynn 

Ramsey, Patricia A. 

Rash. Margie Lealani 


Monsters were abundant in 
the Myers haunted house at 

Ray, Charlene D. 
Readling, Teree Leigh 
Roberts. Jackson J. 
Rogers, Brenda Ruth 
Rogers, Donna D. 

Sain, Kathryn A. 
Sain. Vicky D. 
Satterwhite, Dan H., Jr. 
Sawyer, Christy L. 
Secrest. Marcia J. 

Sellers, Julie D. 
Sellers, Kimberly A. 
Serralles, Felix J., Ill 
Sexton, Robin M. 
Sims, Donna L. 

Smart, Paula S. 
Smathers, Fritzie L. 
Smith, Charlotte Hazel 
Smith, Karia A. 
Smith. Kimberly L. 


iraBBWMBlIISHHianiHSraraillifflaHtflifflfflimiMffiHlliiKiKnT!^ :i'f;n:i;r:!.:i::riii:i.i;;::^i:::;iuiii 

Laurie Patterson and Kim 
Smith hope for a victory in 
the girls' football game. 

Smith, Melanie K. 

Snyder, Brenda G. 

Souther, Beverly Diane 

Spearman, Teresa J. 

Spurling, Barbara 

Stamey, Patricia A. 

Stanton, Cynthia A. 

Staylor, Violet Marie 

Steele, John Ridley 

Stickle, Timothy John 

Stines, Mary E. 

Sutton, Angela Bruce 

Sweat, Wanda Gail 

Syens, Lori L. 

Taylor, David Warren 

Teachey, Louis M. 

Tharpe, Tami R. 

Thomas, Lisa M. 

Thomas, Marcus, C. 

Thompson, Marsha D. 


Tilley. Janice G. 
Tippette. Elizabeth Massey 
Tucker, Julie A. 
Vassy, Teresa Lynn 
Vernon, Sandra J. 

Wall, Cynthia J 
Wallace, Anita L. 
Walker, Audria 
Ward, Susie L. 
Welch, John W. 

West. Elisabeth D. 
Williams, David E. 
Williams, Nathan L. 
Williams, Robert 
Wilson, Doris E. 

Winchester, Jean Alyse 
Womack, Linda Mundell 
Womack, Paul Leon 
Woody. Lisa M. 
Woody, Penellape Street 

Young, Joel J.E. 
Young. Tammy L. 


Class Officers 


Abbott, Anthony Jerome 

Absher, Larry Mark 

Adkins, Christen Leann 

Albertson, Darlene Mae 

Aidridge, Karen Lynn 

Alexander, Made Margaret 

Allen, Tina Maria 

Alvarez, Rieni M. 

Anderson, Elizabeth 

Bacarisse, Henry Chip III 

Bain, Tom E. 

Baker, Jana Kay 

Ball, Monica Elaine 

Barnes, Beverly Ann 

Barnhardt, Kelly Lynne 

Barr, Brian David 

Beamer, Shelia Renee 

Beasley, Willaim Anthony 

Bennett, Walter Newton 

Bennight, Bryan Thomas 

I ^^^ 


a- 1 . i > 

Bergmann, Patricia Rae 
Bethel, Sharon Rose 
Bird, Melanie Jean 
Bishop, Felicia Michelle 
Blanks, Kathy Denise 

Bloodworth, Michael Dean 
Booth, Linda Lorraine 
Boothe, Cheryl Diane 
Boring, Angela Kaye 
Bounds, Katrina Rumbough 

Bowman, Anthony Trent 
Boyd, Michael Jennings 
Brewer, Gordon Luther 
Brigman, James Knox 
Britt, April Lane 

Brittain, Randy Charles 
Brooks, Jodene Gay 
Brooks, Linda Louise 
Brow, Larry Dean 
Brown. Debra Kay 

Brown, Terrilyn Williams 
Bruce, Beverly Dare 
Bryant, Deborah Kay 
Buchanan,Cherie Bird 
Buckner, Sherrie Denise 

Burleson, Angela Gail 
Burnette, Alison Rae 
Caldwell, Bruce Ray 
Camp, William Mark 
Campbell, Nancy Lynne 

Camper, Allison Kay 
Carraway, Tessa Aileen 
Carter, Mary Charlene 
Ceretto, Katherine 
Chandler, Leonard Kevin 

Chapman, Deborah Lynn 
Chapman, Michael Alan 
Chappell, Donna Lynn 
Cheek, Edith Anne 
Clark, Josephine 


Clawson, Marcia Ann 

Clendennen, Lisa Marlitt 

Coble, John Edwin 

Coble, Teresa Lynn 

Cody, Tamara Jean 

Cole, Robin Leigh 

Colin, Christine 

Collins, Wilma Marie 

Combs, Rhonda Sue 

Comer, Linda Gail 

Compton, Stafford Gregory 

Cook,John Randall 

Cooke, James Craig 

Cool. Ricky D. 

Cooper, Martha Renne 

Corn, Cecil Edward 

Cothran, Susan Elizabeth 

Creasman, James Dean 

Crisp, Gary Brent 

Davis, Deannie Leigh 

Davis, Wesley Brent 

Deaton, Helen Denise 

Dennis, James Channie 

Denton, Janet Lynn 

Denton, Phoebe Denise 

Deptuch, Christopher Raymond 

Dess, Paul 

Dew, Fred Knox 

Dickerson, William /Vea/ 

Dodgen, Laurie Anne 

Drake, Joyce Jane 

Driggers, David Gene 

Duckett, Charles Woody 

Dunn, Jeffrey Grant 

Durham, Rena J. 

Eggers, Edward Dean 

English, Erick Fred 

Etheridge, John Andrew 

Fain, Teresa Lynn 

Fair, Lisa Timpson 


f ^'^ 

Teresa Roberson discusses homework 
with friends before going to class. 

Farlow, Dayna Rae 
Farmer. John Mark 
Farr, Latimer Cecil III 
F err ell. Laura Leigh 
Finger, Ronald Dwayne 

Fisher, James E. 
Forbes, Susanne Larie 
For man, Lisa Deborah 
Frazier, Theresa Ann 
Gable, Eddie 

Gahagan. Michael Donovan 
Cant. Scott Neil 
Germanine. David Keel 
Ghormley, William Russell 
Godwin, Mary Stuart 

Gordon, Charles Bruce 
Gordon, Lee Brant 
Gosnell, Bryan Alan 
Gourge, Marcia Gail 
Greene, David Dwayne 


Greene, Margaret Malinda 

Greenlee, Roberta Elizabeth 

Gregg, Alfred Claude 

Griffee, Diana L arose 

Guinn, Carolyn Ann 

Hall, Sara Page 

Hall, Teresa Ann 

Hammack, Karen Lee 

Haney, Marty Roger 

Hank ins, Linda Suzanne 

Harlow, Rebekah Lee 

Hatfield, Karen Lynn 

Hawkins, Joseph Douglas 

Hawks, Edward Allerton 

Headley, Cameron Linscott 

Hefner, Mark Everette 

Henderson.Michael Dennis 

Henderson, Rodney Glenn 

Hensley, James Jr. 

Hey ward, Norman Curtis 

Hoffman, Anna Karen 

Hogan, Sarah Lynne 

Holder, Daniel Lee 

Honeycutt, Laurel Stormy 

Hood, Melinda Sue 

Hood, Timothy Fonda 

Hooks, Lisa Ann 

Horan, John J. Jr. 

Horan, Patricia Lee 

Horton, Teresa Ann 

Howell. Brenda Kay 

Howell, Rebecca Ann 

Hudgins, Janet Ann 

Hulette, David Keith 

Huskey, Jimmy Wade 

Hy lemon, Randal Lee 

Isom, Rena Ann 

Jenson, Carol Joy 

Johnson, Bradley William 

Johnson, Jeffrey Thomas 


Finishing homeworic in the cafeteria 
is a common sight on campus. 

Johnson, Twylah Lynne 
Jolly, Jeffery Shane 
Jones, Galen 
Jones, James Robert 
Jones, Julia Fay 

Jordan, Harold Doyle 
Keeter, Kimberly Brigett 
Keller, Anita Jane 
Kuehnel, Sylvia Marie 
Lambert, Kimberly Faith 

Lambert, Stephen Jeffrey 
Land, Albert Lawrence 
Latimer, Laura Jean 
Laurance, Mary Lynn 
Leak, Lisa Lynn 

Led ford, Troy Ernest 
Lee, Margaret E. 
Lee, Phoebe Renet 
Leibe, Rebekah Louise 
Lipe, Kevin 


Leonhardt, Audrey A. 

Lolly, Timothy Allen 

Lowe, Barbara Sue 

Lowe, Lisa Karen 

Lawman, Martha Pilar 

Lynagh, James T. 

Lyndon, Gayle Leslie 

Mahy, Gwen Louise 

Majors, Cheryl Laverne 

Mann, Susan Lynn 

Marks, Andrew Spence 
Marshall, James David 
Martin, William Wayne 
Maultsby, Barbara Jean 
McCann, James Walter 

McConnell, William Ray 

McCoy, Monty Carroll 

McCrary, John Allen 

McCurry, Billie Catherine 

McDaris, Janice E. 

McKenzie, Susan Caroll 

McOuage, Kelly Marie 

Medlin, Yvonne Jean 

Megee, Wendy Anne 

Meyers, Steve Michael 

Miller, Ruth Ann 

Miller, Teresa Yvonne 

Millsaps, Christopher Merriman 

Moore, Wanda Kay 

Morelock, Teresa Ann 

Morgan, Melinda Grace 

Morgan, Phylis Ann 

Moss, Felicia Darlene 

Mote, Kathy Lynette 

Mot singer. Dawn Ellen 

Mullikin, Judith Lee 

Mullinax, John Bennett 

Myers, Kimberly 

Nanney, Joseph Hugh 

Negron, Mary Suzanne 




Neighbors, David Eugene 
Neill, Ann Ridge 
Norman, Christopher Lee 
Norman, Daniel Wiley 
Norman, Elizabeth Joy 

Odom, James Laverne 
Owenby. Martin Keith 
Owens, Rebecca Elizabeth 
Pack, Rebecca Anne 
Palmore, Joseph Clyde 

Panther, Robin Christine 
Perkins, Jane Anne 
Peters, Vickye Lynne 
Petersen, Geri Anne 
Phillips, Lisa Anne 

Pickering, Jeanne 
Pierce, Vickie Carol 
Pittman, Crystal Dee 
Plemmons. Carol Travis 
Potts, Selma Jean 

Powers, Tracy Lynne 
Pressley, William Franci 
Prillaman, Catherine Mildred 
Pruitt, Steven Donald 
Puckett, Thaddeus Lee 

Queen, Angela Denise 
Ray, Richard Shaw 
Ray, Robin Nell 
Rhymer, Melissa Hope 
Richardson, Scott Dennis 

Riddle, Susan Geneva 
Riley, Cynthia Lynn 
Rimes, Andrea Lynn 
Rink, Cynthia Arlene 
Rivers, Leslie Anne 

Roberson, Teresa Kay 
Robertson, Robert Joseph 
Robinson, Ricky Jay 
Ross, Terri Beth 
Rubel. James Pearson 


Rush, Debra Kay 

Sather, James Dawson 

Saunders, Jennifer Eleanor 

Sawyer, David Thomas 

Schneider, Timothy Lee 

Scott, Kelly Lee 

Shelton, Felicia Dale 

Shoaf, Anthony Lloyd 

Sims, Janet Leigh 

Sluder, Elizabeth Ann 

Smith, Gary Dewayne 
Smith, Kristina Kaye 

Smith, Michael Henry 
Smith, Phillip Harold 
Spearman, Joey Dan 

Sprouse, Margaret Lynn 

Stafford, Sherri Jo 

Stalvey, Francis Ronald 

Stegles, William Robert 

Steinhardt, Jill Irene 

Stewart, Marilyn Drew 

Stines, Berry Allen 

Stumberg, George Stephen 

Talbert, Laura Catherine 

Talbert, Leslie Ann 

Tate, James Roy 

Taubman, Tina Monique 

Teague, Jeffrey Carroll 

Teague, Laura Jean 

Templeton, Samuel Lee 

Testino, Joseph Roy 

Thomas, Fay 

Thomas, Jennifer Sue 

Thompson, Cathy Sue 

Thompson, Gregory Wayne 

Timms, Leslie Minton 

Tinsley, Rebbecca Lynne 

Tobey, Marian Jill 

Trivett, Talmadge Thomas 

Turner, Wendye Ray 




Underwood, Pam Lane 
Underwood. Patricia Jane 
Wagner. James E. 
Walker. Wesley Randolph 
Wall. Sidney Keith 

Walton, Robin Elizabeth 
Waring. John Stewart 
Watson. Cynthia Marie 
Watson. Nina Lor a 
Watts, William Keith 

Wells. Victoria Jean 
Welch. Rhonda Elizabeth 
White, Celeste 
Whittemore. Brenda Lee 
Whittemore. Carol Ann 

Wiles, Georgeann 
Williams. Danny Jay 
Williams. Diana Marie 
Williams. Jeffrey D. 
Williams. Lisha 

Williams. Peggy Irene 
Williams, Roy James 
Willis, Laurie Cleo 
Willis, Terrie Ann 
Wingert, Joan Adele 

Woosley, Windy Elizabeth 
Wright, George Thomas 
Wynkler, Shari Lee 
Wynne, Lawrence S. 
Young, Sallie Ann 



Greensboro Interns 


The elementary education internship program 
in Greensboro continued to be a unique part of the 
Mars Hill curriculum. The six student interns lived 
in Greensboro for the years- and taught at three 
area schools. The program was co-ordinated by 
Mrs. Helen Schott. Under her supervision, the stu- 
dents were involved in classwork, workshops, and 
other school activities. 




Fulbright, Vicky Charlene 
Fredericksburg, Va. 
Heitzenrater, Amy 
Springfield, Va. 
Peterson, Jill Suzanne 
Burnsville, N.C. 

Snead, Vicki Lea 
Greensboro, N.C. 
Rubino, Gail Marie 
Gastonia, N.C. 
Schott, Mary Magdalene 
Greensboro, N.C. 

I Gail Rubino and Vicky Fulbright display a bulletin 

1 L-R: Mary Schott. Gail Rubino, Vicky Fulbright, 

Mrs. Helen Scott, Vickie Snead, Jill Peterson, Amy 

S. Jill Peterson and Vicky Snead share classroom 

4. The interns relax with Mrs. Schott before classes 




''— 1 



Abbott, Anthony Jerome 304 

Abernathy, Elizabeth Lynn 136, 186 

Absher, Larry Mark 204 

Adams, Carolyn Lavern Id 

Adams, Nickey L. 194, 160 

Adams, Rebecca M. 194 

Adkins, Christen Leann 304 

Aiken, William David 

Albertson, Darlene Mae 204 

Aldridge, Karen Lynn 204 

Alewine, Roger W. 168 

Alexander, Made Margaret 204 

Alexander. Mike I. 

Aliff, Douglas T. 194, 160 

Allbach, Welynn Lewis 

Allen, Nancy K. 165, 104 

Allen, Susan Mary 

Allen, Tina Maria 204, 194 

Allen. Wilbur O. 

Allison, Linda Grey 

Alvarez, Rieni M. 204. 109 

Ammone, Oliver 194 

Anders, Nancy Elizabeth 168 

Anders, Norman J. 

Anderson. Cynthia Alison 159. 168 

Anderson, Donna M. 194 

Anderson, Edward Brent 186. 117 

Anderson. Elizabeth 204 

Anderson. Eugenia P. 165, 194 

Anderson, Evelyn Fox 

Anderson, James Edward 

Anderson, Jerome Murphy 154, ISO, 

132, 168 

Anderson, John Thompson 

Anderson, Kenneth R. 160, 194 

Anderson, William Richard 168. 181, 137 

Anderton. Philip Cary 186 

Andrews, Arthur Ronald 83, 158, 168 

Anglin, John Terry 153 

Annas, Marc Douglas 107, 117, 160, 168 

Arnold, Candius L. 117, 140. 194, 123 

Arnold, Mark Allen 

Ashburn. Thomas E. 107, 160. 194 

Atkins, Teresa Gail 136 

Atkinson, David Glenn 168, 186 

Augusten, Ramona 

Augustine, Charles Eugene, Jr. 99, 160, 


Austin, John Thomas 159, 162, 186 

Austin, Timothy Wayne 

Ayers, Stephen R. 130 

Azari, David R. 149, ISO, 151 

Babelay, Paul Garland 

Bacarisse III, Henry C. 204 

Bagwell, Richard Loren 

Bailey, Pamela Diane 138. 165. 186 

Bain III, Elzie E. 125. 240 

Baker, Jana Kay 204 

Baldwin, Stephen Maxwell 186 

Ball, Beverly J. 

Ball, Monica Elaine 204 

Ball, Roger Edwin 

Ballard, Carmen L. 194, 101 

Ballard, Janice Carolyn 136, 186 

Ballard, Melanie Elain^ 
Ballew, Catherine A. 194 
Ballew. Ray Charles. Jr. 168, 118 
Bame Jr., James Henry 194 
Barbour, Mark Wilhelm 168, 172, 185. 

Barker, Kathryn Faye 194 

Barner. John D. 169 

Barnes, Beverly Ann 204 

Barnes, William Robert 186 

Barnhardt, Kelly Lynne 204 

Barr, Brian David 204, 95 

Barrett, Geneva A. 194 

Bartlett, Diane Carol 109 

Bartlett, Tammie Lee 

Barton, Jeffery Scott 

Bass, Gary R. 194, 160 

Bass Jr.. William Clyde 194 

Bateman. Joseph J. 194 

Bauguess. Rina Machelle 186 

Beamer, Sheila Renee 204 

Beasley, Carol Elaine 169 

Beasley. William Anthony 204 

Beck. Kimberly Dawn 186, 123 

Beck, Sherry Kay 169 

Becton, Elizabeth Ann 186 

Behl, Andrew V. 194 

Bell, Mary Anne 156, 169 

Benfield, Judy Ann 136, 186, 117 

Benfield, Linda Kay 

Bennett III, Walter Newton 204 

Bennett, John L. 169. 181 

Bennett, Samuel Neel 

Bennett, Tina Marie 194 

Bennight, Bryan Thomas 132, 204 

Bentley, Mike Louis 

Bentley, Stephen Blake 169 

Bergmann, Patricia Rae 205 

Bethel. Sharon Rose 152. 205 

Bibb. William Wyatt 

Billings, Danny Ray 186 

Bily. Lisa E. 149. 195 

Bird, Melanie Jean 205 

Bishop, Felicia Michelle 205 

Biss, Barbara X 195 

Blair, Dorothy Elizabeth 165, 169 

Blake, Donna Rae 154, 186 

Blake, Robin A. 

Blalock, Vicki Pitman 

Blanding, Patricia Ann 

Blanks, Kathy Denise 205 

Blaylock, Kimberly Rene 164, 186 

Blevins, Dale English 156, 161 

Bloodworth, Michael Dean 162, 205 

Blossfield, Kathleen Anne 169 

Blue. Kathryn 169 

Boger, Donna B. 138, 164. 183, 195 

Bomar, Kurt Joseph 136. 169 

Bond. Sandra Danell 

Boone, Sharon A. 195 

Booth, Linda Lorraine 205 

Boothe, Cheryl Diane 205 

Boren. Norma Sarah 195 

Boring, Angela Kaye 205 

Bounds, Joseph K. 169, 181 

Bounds, Katrina Rumbough 205 

Bowdre, Karen Elizabeth 186 

Bowen, Elizabeth June 

Bowerman. David S. 120, 125 

Bowers, Carta Yvette 149, 150. 154 

Bowers. Richard A. 

Bowman. Anthony Trent 149, 205 

Boyd. Michael Jennings 205 

Boyer. Kevin Lee 

Boyles. Bruce Willard. Jr. 130. 149. 150. 

169. 181. 145 

Boyles. Terry Lee 144. 169 

Bracey. Mary Lois 138, 195 

Bradach, Kimberly Ann 169 

Bradley. Janice Louise 

Bradley. John Carroll 

Bradshaw Jr.. Charles 

Branon. Cindy A. 195 

Brendell, Janna Kay 

Brewer Jr.. Luther Gordon 205 

Brewton, Tina Maria 164. 169 

Bridges, Steven Wiley 186 

Briggs. Cecilia E. 195 

Brigman, James Knox 129. 205 

Brinkley. Gregory M. 

Bristow Jr.. Eddie 107 

Britt. April Lane 205 

Britt, Patricia Lynne 169 

Brittain. Randy Charles 205 

Brooks, Dorcas A. 

Brooks, Jodene Gay 205 

Brooks. Linda Louise 205 

Brooks, Wanda Sue 169 

Brow, Larry Dean 205 

Brown, Daryl E. 169 

Brown, Debra Kay 205 

Brown, Joseph Stanley, Jr. 

Brown. Marie O'Bed 169 

Brown, Terrilyn Williams 132, 205 

Bruce, Beverly Dare 205 

Bryant, Deborah Kaye 205 

Br y son. Susan Lynn 186 

Buchanan. Patricia J. 195 

Buchanan. Allen Keith 

Buchanan, Cherie Bird 205 

Buchanan, Sherry Denise 205 

Buchanan, William George 

Buckner, Jerome Dallas 

Buckner, Michael Joseph 169 

Buckner, Pamela Brown 

Buckner, Patricia D. 195 

Buckner, Sherrie Denise 

Bullard, Miriam K. 195. la 

Bumgardner. Mark Wayne 187 

Bunn. John D. 187 

Burgess. Comena Catherine 169 

Burgin. Katherine J. 156. 169 

Burkett, Julius Ceasar 

Burleson, Angela Gail 205 

Burnett, Anthony T. 195 

Burnett, James M. 187 

Burnett. Lynda Kaye 132. 136, 137, 187 

Burnette, Alison Rae 205 

Burrell, David Wayne 

Butterworth, Nellwyn E. 154, 195 

Byars, Alma Jean 170 

Byram. Cynthia Marie 71. 187 

Byrd, Becky Devine 195 

Byrd. Carol A. 187 

Byrd, Charles Anthony 

Byrd, David R. 139. 195 

Byrd, Kenneth Wayne 




Cabaniss. Mark G. 149, 150, 158, 195 

Cagle, Laura Denise 187 

Cain. Dora Jeanette 117 

Caldwell, Bruce Ray 2C5 

Caldwell. Joyce A. 170 

Calhoun, Kim M. 187 

Callahan. Peggy Marie 

Calvert, David 130, 144 

Camp, William Mark 205 

Campbell, Debra Ann 170, 187 

Campbell, Kenny Vance 

Campbell, Nancy Lynne 205 

Campbell, Robert H. 195 

Campbell, Steven Mitchell 

Campbell, Teresa Allen 136, 137, 183.^ 

Camper, Allison Kay 305 

Cann, James Marty 71, 170 

Canter, Stewart Jay 149, 170 

Cantrell, Douglas Chet 

Carawan, Beth J. 195 

Carlson, William Douglas 

Carnett, Kelley Robin 

Carpenter. Patricia Ann l5Si'l59. 157. 


Carper. Dianna K. 195 

Carraway, Tessa Aileen 205 

Carter, Ann £ 

Carter, Barbara Ann 136, 70, 185 

Carter, Charleata A. 195 

Carter, Charles Timothy 117, It 

185, 119, 118 

Carter, Donna 6. 195 

Carter, Mary Charlene 205^ 

Case, Robin Jean 187 

Cassels, Joie Michelle 

Cathcart, William Richard 

Catolster, Dinah Ann 

Catolster, Nancy Yvonne 

Cavanagh, Lisa Ann 

Cerreto, Katherine 205 

Chaffee, Anita L. 195 

Chandler, Bobby J. 

Chandler, Kathy Elaine 170 

Chandler, Leonard Kelvin 205 

Chandler, Lou Anne 170 

Chapman, Deborah Lynn 205 

Chapman, Evelyn Lee 170 

Chapman, Michael Alan 205 

Chappell, Donna Lynn 205 

Charity, Sandra Edith 

Chase, William N. 170 

Cheek, Edith Anne 205. 125 

Childers, Nancy L. 195, 118^ 

Childers, Neal Bradley 11^40 

Chinnis, Cynthia Louise m 

Christie, Colin McMillan 161 

Clark Jr., Sidney P. 

Clark, Carolyn J 149, 150, 195 

Clark. Charles Justice 151 

Clark, Josephine 205 

Clark, Mark Anthony 91 

Clark, Michael P. 95. 97 

Clark, Ronald Pat 195 

Clarke, Laurie Read 195 

Clary, Lisa Layne 

Clauhs, Frederick Walter 159, 187, 206 

Clawson, Marcia Ann 206 

Clemmons, Myra Ladd 

Clendennen, Lisa Marlett 206 


I W Com 
f Cool 


Cline, Joel David 
Cline. Vicki Lee 104. 170 
Clower, Jesse C. 195 
Coates, Martha Ann 187, 206 
Coble Jr., John Edwin 206 
Coble, Teresa Lynn 206 
Cody, Michael Amos 187, 206 
Cody, Tamara Jean 206 
Coffey, Stephen T. 
Cogdill, Debra Jean 170 
Coin, Raelene Louise Spencer 
Coker. Keith O. 140, 170 
Cole, Robin Leigh 206 
Collins, Gregory Floyd 
Colin, Christine 206 
Collins, Wilma Marie 206 
Colvin, Mike Doyle 206 
Combs, Rhonda Sue 206 
Comer, Linda Gail 206 
Compton, Kathy Lynn 187, 206 
Compton, Stafford Gregory 206 
Conlin, Michael Sean 
Connelly, Michelene Marie 152, 187 
£enner. Brent M. 149, 195 

mer, Channa G. 117, 170 
Conrad, Carol 105 
Cook, Anthony Louis 
Cook, Cynthia Darlene 187, 206 
Cook, John Randall 206 
Cooke, James Craig 206 
Cool, Ricky D. 206 
Cooper, Debra K. 156 
Cooper, Martha Renee 206 
Cope, Eugene T. ISO. 158, 195 
Corbin, Nancy S. 195 
Corn, Cecil Edward 206, 134 
Cornman, Douglas Randolph 159, 169 
Cory, Robert James 206 
'othran, Susan W. 

Drake, Joyce Jane 63, 206 
Driggers. David Gene 206 
Duckett, Charles Woody 206 
Duckett, Robert Eugene 188 
Duke, Mark Stewart 95, 160. 171 
Dunaway, David C. 153, 154, 158. 196 
Duqcan, Donna Denise 165, 196 
Duncan. Jane Y. 
Duncan. Suzanne R. 196, 121 
Dunn. Jeffery Grant 162, 206 
Dunn. Melvin, Jr. 
Durham, Renea J. 206 

Earles. Brian K. 162 

Early. Eli Wesley 85, K)7. K)6 

Early. Harold Lee K>7, I06 

Eddins. Robert Earl 107, 171. 160 

Edmisten, Marilyn H. 33, 196 

Edwards, James M. 

Edwards. Laura Kate 152, 171 

Edwards. Martha Frances 171 

Edwards, Patricia Lynn 188 

Edwards, Patti Y. 132, 196 

Edwards, Rebecca Jean Strole 

Eggers. Edward Dean 206 

Einstein III, Thomas L. 194, 196, 123, 125 

Eller. Anita Lynn 136, 188, 121 

Elliott, Anne G. 

Elliott, Penny G. 196 

Ellis, Christopher R. 

Elton. Lisa Caryn 188 

Emory. Connie L. 196 

England. Jeffrey K. 

English, Alan D. 196 

English, Eric Fred 206 

English. Karen Robin 149, 150, 157, 188 

Enochs, Donna Gray 120, 136. 153. 188. 

126, 127 

Enscore, Russell E. 129. 196 

Ensley, Charles Dennis 

Etheridge, John Andrew 206 

Evans, Michael Ray 

Fain, Teresa Lynn 206 
Fair, Lisa Timpson 206 
Fakkema, Sharon Lee 
Farlow, Dayna Rae 207 
Farmer, John Mark 207 
Farr III, Latimer Cecil 99, 207 
Farr, Dale Robert 188 
Farr, Walter S. 
Fassula, Thomas A. 
Feldman. Sandra Elizabeth 
Fender, William Clyde 
Ferguson, Steven Allen 162 
Ferrell, Laura Leigh 207 
Fincannon, Daniel S. 196, 130 
Finger, Ronald Dwayne 207 
Fish, Garry Lee 117, 171 
Fish, Mahna Ann 165 
Fisher, Dexter Lee 107 
Fisher. Hilda T. 
Fisher, James E. 138, 207 
Fisher, Mark Christian 117. 171 
Fleming, Mary Lynn 130, 133. 171 
Flora. Angela D. 196 
Flowers, Holly Marie 
Flowers, William Jeffrey 188 
Flynt. Henry Clay III 171 
Forbes. Susanne Larie 117, 207 . 
Ford, David S. 
Ford, Ken Allen 
Forman, Lisa Deborah 117, 207 
Forman. Susan L. 164, 188 
Formon, Patricia Ann 196, 139 
Fortune, Elizabeth Falls 172 
Fosson, Nancy A. 
Foster, Jan R. 196 
Foust, Myrtle Berteen 165, 18" 
Fowler. William M. 
Fox, Jeffrey Carter 
Fox, Rebecca Jean 163, 172 
Fox. Samuel Love 
Fox, William R. 
Frady, Jimmy Ray 188 
Frazier, Theresa Anne 163, 207 
Freeman Jr., James Byron 
Freeman, Michael Charles 
Frink, Martha Sue 156, 172 
Frisby, Penelope Ann 196 
Fulbright, Vicky Charlene 215 
Fuller, Patricia D. 

Gaba, Charles E. 
Gable, Eddie 207 
Gaddy. Rebecca Lucinda 
Gahagan. Michael Donovan 207 
Galyon, Robert Martin 
Gant. Scott Neil 207 



Garren, Doris Marie 197 

Carren, Judy Lynn 

Garren. Mark Ben field 91, 172 

Gates, Mary Kathryn 172 

Gearrin, Gary Timothy 

Geer, Mary Ann 197 

Gelaben. Danilo D. 172 

Gentry, Kenneth Allan 162 

George Jr., James F. 197 

Geouge, Susan L. 197 

Germaine, David Keel 207 

Ghormley, William Russell 207 

Giordano, Raymond H. 

Glover, David L. 

Godwin. Mary Stuart 207 

Goforth. Linda Ann 71, 104. 172 

Go forth, Lydia M. 163. 172 

Gains, David Leroy 160 

Coins, Dennis Michael 

Golden, Louis Cater 160 

Gonzalez, Hector Felipe 

Goodrich, Frances Trudie 164, 172 

Goodson, Kimberly M. 197 

Gordon. Charles Bruce 207 

Gordon. Jeanette 136. 137. 186. 188, 139 

Gordon. Lee Brant 117. 161. 207 

Gorff. Virginia Ann 164. 188 

Gosnell. Bryan Alan 160. 207 

Gosnell. Roger Dale 160 

Gossett, Darryl L. 197, 120. 123 

Gouge, Marcia Gail 127, 207 

Gough, David Wayne 

Gould, John Lawrence 

Graver. Ann Louise 172 

Gray, Michael A very 

Green, Janet 172 

Greene, Robert Charles Jr. 

Greene. David Dwayne 207 

Greene. Margaret Malinda 

Greene, Sheldon K. 

Greene, Timothy W. 

Greene, Vetina L. 197, 208 

Greenlee, Roberta Elizabeth 208 

Greer, Lorraine 197 

Greer, Doris L. 

Greer, Pamela L. 197 

Gregg. Alfred Claude 208 

Griffee. Diana Larose 208 

Griffin, Denise Eileen 197 

Griffin. Harry 172 

Grobe. John Earl 

Grose, George Slater 

Grubb. Timothy Mark 

Guild. James Sylvester 161, 188 

Guinn, Carolyn Ann 208. 134 

Gulledge. Johnny N. 107. 188 

Gunter. Melanie Maureen 104, 156, 165. 


Guy. Mark L. 188. 118 

Hagwood Jr.. James Rudolph 160, 197 

Hall. Cheryl Sue 136. 137 

Hall. Cynthia Lynn 109 

Hall. Melanie J 99. 197. 72. 73. 164 

Hall. Richard E 197 

Hall. Sara Page 208 

Hall. Tamalia Lynn 156. 164. 172 

Hall, Teresa Ann 208 

Halleman. Brenda 157 


Hamilton. Brenda Kay 172 

Hamilton. Edwin Peyton 188 

Hammack III. Henry Wyatt 

Hammack. Karen Lee 35. 208 

Hamrick. Amy Watson 136. 188. 139 

Hamright. Kim KH 

Hancock. Lisa Kaye 104 

Hand III. Joseph Cornelius 132. 197 

Handy. Susan Elizabeth 151 

Haney. James K. 

Haney. Marty Roger 208 

Hank ins. Linda Suzanne 208 

Harbison. Joseph Lee 

Hardee. Tammy K. 105 

Harding. Jeffery B. 107. 197 

Harkins. Frankie Eugenia 188 

Hark ins. Lynn Ellen 

Harlow. Rebekah Lee 117. 208 

Harmon. Nancy Marguerite 172 

Harrell. Stephen Alexander 172 

Harrill. Donna Lynn 

Harris. Jacqueline J. 

Harris. John Mark 99, 197 

Harris. Pamela C. 

Harris, Christine 99, 197. 134 

Harrison. David Nathaniel 

Harrison, Franklin Keith 90, 162, 197 

Harrison, Robert Frank 

Harter, Kathy F. 197 

Hartley, Kevin Brian 144. 156, 172 

Hartman, Shirley G. 

Hartnett. Terence Bryan 160 

Harvey, Reid Winton "" ,^ 

Hascup. William D. 160. 197- 

Hatfield, Karen Lynn 208 
Hatherlee. Bruce Lynn 
Hawk. Carole Virginia 104. 172 
Hawkins. Joseph Douglas 208 
Hawks. Edward Allerton III 208 
Hawley. Amelia Ann 188 
Hayes. Patricia Anne 188 
Headley. Cameron Linscott 208 
Heaton. Richard David 117. 188. 118 
Hedrick. Laurie L. 198 
Hefner. Mark Everette 208 
Heitzenrater. Amy 215 
Helms. Dennis Michael 
Helton. Lori Jill 
Helton. Vickie M. 138. 198 
Henderson. Denise Lynn 
Henderson. George Anthony 
Henderson. Mark Stephen 
Henderson, Michael Dennis 208 
Henderson, Rodney Glenn 208 
Henderson. Shawn 104. 165. 172 
Hendrickson. Karen D. 
Hendrix. William Huffman 
Hensley Jr.. James 208 
Hensley. Debra Faye 188 
Hensley. Frances Renee 198 
Hensley. Patrick Michael 
Henson. Laurie R. 
Hernandez. Gary Joe 
Hester. Sharon Kay 136. 137. 156, 188 
Heyward Jr.. Norman Curtis 208 
Hickey. Rose M. 
Higgins, Dennis Wayne 172 
Hilker Jr., Robert R. 
Hill, Constance Diane 188 

Hill. Martha Louise 157. 172 

Hilton, Christopher Richard 

Hines, Bonny 153 

Hines, Larry P. 117, 198 

Hinton, Kerry Mark 130. 132. 188 

Hipps. Laura Renee 71. 188 

Hirst. Jay Joseph 

Hodul. Richard Thomas 160. 172 

Hoffman, Anna Karen 208 

Hoffman. Mickie Diane 185. 188 

Hogan, Sarah Lynne 208 

Holcomb. Cynthia C. 198 

Holcombe. Bonnie Pearl 189 

Holden, Mauvareen Cecile 138. 164, 189 

Holder, Daniel Lee 208 

Holding, Larry Renard 

Holland Jr., James W. 153. 154, 158 

Holleman, Brenda L. 

Hollis, Pamela E. 138 

Holloway. Keith £ 138 172 

Holmes, James Edward 117, 189 

Holmes. John F. 150. 151, 160. 173. 118 

Honey cut t. Laurel Stormy 208 

Honeycutt. Sheila Elizabeth 99. 198 

Honeycutt. Sylvia D. 136. 137. 173, 117 

Hood. Melinda Sue 208 

Hood. Timothy Fonda 149. 150. 208 

Hooks. Lisa Ann 208 

Hopper. Kevin D. 117. 160. 198, 119 

Horan. John J Jr. 208 

Horan. Patricia Lee 208. 109 

Horton, Teresa Ann 208 

Howard, Robert Wilson 

Howell, Brenda Kay 208 

Howell, Linda June 208 

Howell, Rebecca Ann 208 

Hoyte. Mark 160 

Hudgins. Janet Ann 208 

Hudson, Laura V. 198 

Hudspeth. Lucinda Gail 164, 173 

Huff, M. Ann 

Huff, Thecia Darlene 157. 173 

Huffman, David Wayne 186, 189 

Huffman, Kimberly A. 198 

Huffstetler. Jonathan L. 160. 198 

Hughes. Charles Richard 

Hughes. Linda Annette 104. 164. 173 

Hughes. Robert Anderson 173 

Haulette. David Keith 208 

Hunt. Glenda L. 138. 164, 198 

Hunt, Roy Allen 185 

Hunter, Alfred Keith 

Hunter, Danny Ray 

Hunter, Karen Sue 

Huskey. Edward W. 173 

Huskey, Jimmy Wade 208 

Huskins, Marcia Parker 189 

Hutchins, Debra Ann 164, 189 

Hutchinson, Betty Teresa 198 

Hutchinson. Wayne Leslie 189 

Hutto. Jennifer Joan 173 

Hy lemon. Randal Lee 208 

Hynes. Kenneth R. 160 

Icenhower. Donald Mack 95. 173 
Ingle. Myra Lynn 
Irwin. Pamela Kay 173, 183 
Isom, Rena Ann 208 


Jackson, Earl Lafayette 

Jackson, Franklyn Roland 

Jackson, John Woodward 

Jacobs, Craig T. 198 

James, Perry A. 198 

James, Sara Catherine 156 

James, Terry R. 198 

James, Timothy H. 133, 173 

Jarrett, Brenda Kay 

Jarvis. Rebecca A. 198 

Jay, Dana Leigh 173 

Jefferies, Willie Cornelius 151, 160, 189 

Jenkins, Augusta Ann 136, 140, 157, 173, 


Jenrich. Roy Daniel 74, 117, 160, 189 

Jensen, Carol Joy 92, 208, 93 

Jernigan Jr., William E. 158, 198 

Jeter, Robert Russell 

Jewsbury, Julie A. 

Johnson, Angela Darlene 189, 101 

Johnson, Bradley William 117, 208 

Johnson, David E. 198 

Johnson, Frank Lester, Jr. 

Johnson, Derrick 117, 121, 160, 194, 198, 


Johnson, Jeffery Thomas 208 

Johnson, Mary Matilda 172, 198 

Johnson, Randall Boyd 158 

Johnson, Robert K., Jr. 173 

Johnson, Robin H. 

Johnson, Ronald L. 198, 123 

Johnson, Twylah Lynne 

Johnson, William A. 173 

Johnson. William D. 135 

Jolly, Jeffery Shane 

Jonas, William Glenn, Jr. 130, 138, 189 

Jones, Archie Valejo, Jr. 135, 173, 185 

Jones, Daniel McLester 

Jones, Florence Hernethea 159, 163, 189 

Jones, Galen 209 

Jones, James Robert 209, 117 

Jones, Judith Caroline 189 

Jones, Julia Fay 209 

Jones, Mark 198 

Jones, Patrick Brunson 117, 160, 173, 119 

Jones, Robin K. 198 

Jones, Sheree H. 173 

Jones, Suzanne Dehart 173, 209 

Jordan Jr., Harold Doyle 

Jordan, Kevin Lide 

Jordan, Mark D. 160 

Jowers, l^ancy Carole 189 

Joyce, Jimmy Gray 149, 150, 158, 173 

Joyner, William 

Kasey, Robin 5. 198 
Kasper, Charles Wayne 198 
Keeter, Kimberly Brigett 105, 209 
Keller, Anita Jane 209, 123, 125 
Kelley, Emily I. 198 
Kelley, Kathy E. 138 
Kelley, Pamela Lynne 136, 137, 189 
Kelly, Michael Theodore 95 
Kemp Jr., William Dalmar 
Kimsey, Bobbi Lou 136, 189 
King, Barry R. 198 
King, Gina L. 99, 83, 198 
King, Linda Gail 
Kinney, Brenda J. 198 

Kinsland, Deborah Ann 189 
Kirstein, Dean Ellis 
Knight, Joseph Carroll 183 
Knight, Melissa 154, 173 
Knight, Rebecca Ruth 189 
Knisley, Eric David 149 
Knox, Robert Gene, II 
Koontz, Scarlett S. 198 
Krumbhaar, William Douglas 
Kuehnel, Sylvia Marie 209 

Lackey, Raymond Mark 189 

Lafone, Shari Diane 181, 173 

Lakenan, Gary A. 

Lambert, Kimberly Faith 209 

Lambert, Stephen Jeffrey 209 

Lance, Charles Allen 

Land, Albert Lawrence 209 

Landon, KellyAnn Dorothy 

Laney, Leisa 189 

Laney, Melissa L. 136, 137, 156, 173, 189 

Lanning Jr., William C. 69, 154, 158, 198 

Lanning, Christopher Todd 198 

Larch, William Daniel III 

Lathem, Frances Louise 105, 174 

Latimer, Laura Jean 209 

Laughter Jr., William Dale 

Laurance, Mary Lynn 209 

Lavisky, Paul Edson 

Lawhorn, Joyce Lynn 

Lawing, Claudia Jean 

Leak, Lisa Lynn 209 

Ledbetter, Robert Bryan ISO, 151, 174 

Ledford, Charles R. 198 

Ledford, Kyle W. 198 

Ledford, Troy Ernest 209 

Lee, Karen Ann 190 

Lee, Margaret E. 117, 209 

Lee, Phoebe Renee 209 

Legg, Scott Lewis 138 

Leggett, Keith James 174 

Leibe, Rebekah Louise 209 

Leonhardt, Audrey Ann 2IO, 155 

Lewis, Cynthia Louise 190 

Lewis, Denise Storey 

Lewis, Lawrence Anthony 

Linker, Donna K. 120. 198 

Linville, Timothy 160 

Lipe, Kevin Scott 150, 209 

Loflin, William E. 174 

Lolley, Timothy Alan 210 

Lonas. David Mark 

Long, Johnny Gaffney 

Lowe, Barbara Sue 210 

Lowe, Lisa Karen 210 

Lowman, Martha Pilar 210 

Lunsford, Connie Diane 199 

Lyda, Mary Katherine 189 

Lynagh Jr, James T. 210 

Lyndon, Gayle Leslee 210 

Lyon III. Karl Victor 189 

Lyon. Nancy Moseley 165, 174, 155 

Lytle, Royce Joavan 157 

Lytton, Geneva M. 

Mabry, Cathy Christina 164, 190 
Mace, Linda Hembree 
Machen. Nancy Elizabeth 164. 190 
Mackinnon. Julia R. 199 

Maennle. Steven Charles 183 
Mahy. Gwen Louise 210 
Major. Cheryl Laverne 210 
Malone. Laura Elizabeth 104, 174 
Maney, Fela Jeannette 136, 190 
Maney, Randy Kirk 
Mann, Eric Kevin 
Mann, Jeffery Loy 110, 160, 190 
Mann, Susan Lynn KX, 2K> 
Marks, Andrew Spence 162, 2K} 
Marshall Jr., Joe Isaacs 
MarshaU, James David 210 
Marshall. John Home 138. 77, 127, 174, 
160, 190, 118 

Martin, Billy Joe, Jr. 190 
Martin. William Wayne 210 
Martinez, Gilberto Leonardo 
Mason, Cindy Carol 
Mason. Ronald L. 199 
Matheson. Debra Anne 104, 174 
Mathis, Clinton Darrow 160, 190 
Mathis, Deborah Gail 156, 174 
Mathis, Joseph D. 160, 190 
Mauldin, Ford Dean 
Maultsby, Barbara Jean 210, 139 
Mays, Michael C. 
McCann III, James Walter 210 
McClearn, David Alfred 
McClellan, Cathy McCall 190. 155 
McCluskey. Cathy L. 164, 199 
McCombs III, James H. 127, 199 
McCombs, Thomas H. 
McConnell, William Ray 117, 210. 125 
McCormick. Robert T. 
McCoy IV, Benjamin Cooper 95 
McCoy, John H. 
McCoy, Monty Carroll 161, 2K) 
McCracken. Teresa L. 99, 199 
McCrary, John Allen 210 
McCraw, Brenda Kay 199, 104 
McCurry, Billie Catherine 2K) 
McDaniel, Mary Katherine 199 
McDaris, Gail Lynn 101 
McDaris. Janice E. 2K) 
McDonald. William D. Jr. 174 
McElrath. Gregory Dean 174 
McBntire. William Brant 
McGaha, Timothy Duane 190 
McGee, Carol Lynn 133, 174 
McGee. Cynthia Vann 190 
McGee, Sonja Michele 101 
McGee, Wendy Anne 210 
McGimsey, Gregory Theodore 160, 190 
McGlothlin, Vickie Earlene 175, 109, KJI 
McHarge, Mary R. 159, 199 
Mcintosh. Jean Leigh 
McKay. Ann Carlisle 117, 190 
McKenzie, Susan Carole 121, 210 
McKinney, Cathy D. 199 
McKinney, Elaine 175, 183 
McKinney, Gloria Lynn 104. 175 
McKinnon. Elizabeth A. 152, 199 
McLellan, Darrell G. 
McLeod, Rebecca Susan 
McMichael, Cheryl Lynn 104. 175 
McPeters, Kent Curtis 175 
McQuage. Kelly Marie 210, 138 
McSwain, Susan Kathleen 190 
Meacham, Regina Kim 157, 175 



Medlin, Yvonna Jean JK), 134 
Meekins. Donna B. 
Melin Jr.. Ernest L. 175 
Melin. Tina G. 
Messer. Nancy Jo 

Metcalf, Charles G. 

Metcalf. Kathy Diane 156 

Metcalf, Victoria L 199 

Metcalf, William Wayne, Jr. 

Meyers. Steve Michael ilO 

Miles, Donald Wayne. Jr. 175, 95 

Miles, Laura A. 199 

Milholen, James Edward 199 

Miller, Anita Jane 136. 137, 153. 157, 

Miller. Danny Keith 175 

Miller, James Parnell 162 

Miller, John David 199 

Miller. Karen Bonita 138. 175 

Miller. Phillip Lucas 

Miller, Ruth Ann 99. W 

Miller, Teresa Yvonne W. 101 

Millsaps, Christopher Merriman 310 

Millsaps, David Craig 125 

Mims, Catherine Eunice 

Mims, Scott Douglas 183, 191 

Mitchell, Pamela Cecile 104, 165, 191 

Mitchell, Thomas W. V7, 199 

Monteith, Lisa N. 199 

Moody, Larry D. 160, 175 

Moore II, James A. 160 

Moore, Deborah M. 199 

Moore, Fracisca L. 199 

Moore, Mark Wendell 65, 191 

Moore, Martha Lynne 175 

Moore. Wanda Kay 210 

Morelock, Teresa Ann 210 

Morgan, Charles J 95, 97 

Morgan, Melinda Grace 210 

Morgan. Phyllis Ann 210 

Morris, John B. 191 

Morris. Kevin Craig 200 

Morris. Robert Francis 

Morrison, Sharon B. 159, 165, 200 

Moss Jr.. Homer 99 

Moss, Derek Anthony 

Moss, Felicia Darlene 163, 210 

Moss, Margaret Tabor 175 

Moss, Ronald Wade 191 

Moss, Russell Pike 

Mote. Kathy Lynnette 105. 210 

Motes, James Ezra 120, 128, 129. 191, 

Motsinger, Dawn Ellen 2K) 

Mullen, David R. 

Mullikin, Judith Lee 210 

Mullinax, John Bennett 210, 127 

Mullis, Deborah Kay 

Murphy Jr., James Olen 95 
' Murray. Michael L. 200 
tMurrell, Helen Louise 191 

Muse, Joy Elaine 156, 175 

Myers, Bobby Garrison 69, 158, 175. 

Myers, Kimberly Rena 120, 210, 125 




Nalley, William G. 160 

Nanney Jr., Joseph Hugh 149, 150. 210 

Navy. Alexander D. 

Neely, Jeffrey Kime 175 

Neely. Margaret Catherine Craft 156, 


Negron. Mary Suzanne 210 
Neighbors, David Eugene 162. 211 
Neill, Ann Ridge 211 
Nester, Sandra Jean 157 \ 
Newton. James R. 129. 132. 175. 134 
Nichols. Tammy Marie 200 
Nipper. Rhonda L. 200 
Niswonger. Rebecca L. 
Norman, Christopher Lee 211, 135 
Norman, Daniel Wiley 211 
Norman, Elizabeth Joy 211 
Norton, Darryl Ray 127. 161, 175 

Obergfell, Philip Kent 
Odom, James Laverne 211, 117 
Odom, Sally Yvonne 156. 175 
Odom. Sandra Ellen 191, 103, la 
Ogle, Bruce Dean 
OKain, Linda Gail 191 
O'Neal David Allen 175 
O'Neai Derrell L. 
O'Neal. Mildred BIy 191 
Orr. Gary S. 

Orr. Jacob Joel, III 191. 132. 99 
Osborne. Raymond Charles 
Overton, Karen E. 132 
Owenby. Martin Keith 211 
Owens. Rebecca Elizabeth 211 
Owens, Sherri Lynn 156 

Pack. Rebecca Anne 211 
Padgett, Hillary Elizabeth 200 
Palmer, Deborah L. 200, 105 
Palmore, Joseph Clyde 211 
Pantherk, Robin Christine 211, 134 
Pardue, Mark William 175, 185 
Parker, Lynda Ann Smith 
Parks, Elizabeth Carlton 
Parks, Katherine Elise 191 
Parnell, Mark V. 159. 161, 175 
Parry, Catherine Denise 191 
Par ton, Larry Dean 191 
Patterson. John W. 95, 97. 175 
Patterson, Lorie Elaine 99, 2O0 
Patterson, Michael Stanley 
Patton Jr., Charles Frederick 
Payne. Roderick Anthony 
Peek. Karrie Lynn 
Pell. Dianne Yevonne 
Pelton. Mark Gregory 158. 191 
Penland, Barbara Zimmerman 176 
Penland. Richard H. 107. 160. 172. 176 
Perkins, Jane Anne 211 
Perkins, William David 117. 120, 122, 
140. 200, 134, 123, 125 
Peters, Vicky e Lynne 211 
Petersen. Geri Anne 105, 211, KH 
Peterson, Jill Suzanne 215 
Peterson, Lon Leiand i 

Peterson, Lorelei -^ 

Peterson, Susan Renee 99, 200 
Peterson, Terry James 200 
Petrea, Gloria Dawn 150, 157, 176 
Phelps, Susan Carol 176 
Phillips, Kenneth Wayne 90 
Phillips, Lisa Jane 211 
Phillips, Robin Charlene 
Pickens, Mary Jane 136, 156, 176 
Pickering, Jeanne 211 

Pierce. Vickie Carol 211 

Pittman. Crystal Dee 211 

Pitts. David Edward 

Plaut, Peer Lance 

Plemmons, Carol Travis 211 

Plemmons. Michael Perry 176 

Plemons. Jeffery Lynn 

Plyler, Richard Glenn 149, 150. 176 

Pollard, Dwight R. 

Pompey. Cathy Patient 

Ponder, Frank Ryan 

Pope III, Edward Lewis 

Porshia, David Randy 151, 176 

Porter, Candis Hugh 144, 191 

Posey, Frankie Lee 

Potts, Rena M. 176 

Potts, Selma Jean 211 

Powell, Allen Cobb 

Powell, Cecelia Chapman 

Powell. Frances M. 134 
Powell, Jeffrey Brown 160 
Powell, Suzanne 105, 152, 185, 191 
Powers, Tracy Lynne 211 
Presnell, Janet Leigh 200 
Pressley, Nan W. 137. 138. 176 
Pressly Jr.. William Francis 211 
Prillaman. Catherine Mildred 211 
Pritchett. Larry R. 2CO. 125. 13^, 
Prol. Helen Marie 
Propst III. Walter Lee 161. /7i 
Provan, Laura Anne 2O0 
Pruitt, Steven Donald 211 
Puckett. Martha Lynne 104, 165. 176 
Puckett, Thaddeus Lee 211 

Quails, Karen Lynn 200 
Queen. Angela Denise 211 
Queen, Jeffrey Allen 

Rabb, Amy Warren 

Rackley, Brenda H. 

Ramsey, Elizabeth Marie 

Ramsey, James Robert 

Ramsey, Marilyn 176 

Ramsey. Pamela Maxwell 136, 176 

Ramsey, Patricia A. 200 

Ramsey, Susan Lee 

Ramsey, Timothy C. 176 

Raney, Elizabeth A. 176 

Rash. Margie Lealani 200 

Raxter, Lane Wesley 172, 191 

Ray Jr., Richard Shaw 211 

Ray, Charlene Delores 117, 127. 165, 140, 


Ray, G. Douglas 191 

Ray, Johnny David 

Ray, M. Charity 

Ray, Phillip Eugene 140, 176 

Ray. Robin Nell 211. 109 

iJReadling, Teree Leigh 201 

'Redmon, Keith Randall 151. 176 

Reece, Sherri Emily 

Reed, Leslie Wikoff 152, 176 

Reel, Cheryl Dianne 191 

Reese, Debra Jan 192 

Reneau, Eddie John 

Reneau, Timothy Ray 

Renfro, James Chase 

Rensink. Robin Dianne 186, 187. 192. 129 




Reuter, Mark Aaron 

Reuter, Melanie G. 

Rhinehart. Mary Elizabeth 192 

Rhymer, Melissa Hope 211 

Rice, Alan Richard 

Rice, James I. 

Rice, Wavel Karen Delane 

Richards, Melissa Charlotte 

Richardson, Jeff Webb 

Richardson, Scott Dennis 211, 151 

Riddle. Susan Geneva 211 

Riley, Cynthia Rebecca 211 

Rimes, Andrea Lynn 65, 211 

Riner Jr., Jimmy Wayne 

Rink, Cynthia Arlene 134, 211 

Rivers, Leslie Anne 211 

Roach, Lynnwood Mark 161, 176 

Roberson, Houston Bryan 127, 136, ITdi^^ 

140. 181, 69, 123 ^^ 

Roberson, Teresa /(aye 135, 211, 20im "^ 

Roberts, Daryl Cole ' 

Roberts, Debra J. 176 

Roberts, Jackson J. 201 

Roberts, Lamar Herbert 

Roberts, Wiley McRae 

Robertson, Bvelyn Annette 15 7, 

Robertson, Robert Joseph 211 

Robins, David Bruce 

Robins, Peggy Smith 

Robinson, Jeffrey Lynn 

Robinson, Ricky Jay 211 

Rogers, Anne Bennett 137, I7i 

Rogers, Brenda Ruth 117, lOli 

Rogers, Debra Jean 156, 1?^ ^' 

Rogers, Donna D. 201 ' ^j: 

Rogers, Vlcki L. 192 '<^i 

Rogers, William E. 107, l86.jdfH 

Solen, Edwiti- Thomas, Jh~ T i''^ jj 

Roper, Stephen Lewis, ^tL^Wj^'^ 

Rosier, David CharTtSi^/m^ ^'' *^- 

Ross. Terri Beth. 155, 211 ^' 

Ross, Terry Wayne 

Rowe, Paul Russell 177' 

Royal, Linda Kay 138, 

Rubel, James Pearson 

Rubino, Gail Marie 215 

Rubley, Mark Steven 

Rush, Debra Kay 212 

Russ, Julious Lloyd 192 

Rutherford, Mary Anne 

Rutledge, David Philip 136, 177- 

Ryan, Richard D. 69 

Sain, Kathryn A. 201 
Sam, Vicky D. 2a 
Samuels, Audrey Adele 
Sanders, Carole 
Sanderson, Jo Anne 192, 139 
Sarubbi, Sabrina R. 
Sather, James D. 212 
Satterwhite Jr., Dan H. 149. 150, 2a 
Saunders. Jennifer Eleanor 212 
Sawyer, David Thomas 212 
Sawyer, Christy L. 201 
Scales, Sharon Elise 136, 153. 177 
Schmidt. Lisa Ann 140, 177 
Schneider, Susan Marie 
Schneider, Timothy Lee 212 
Schott, Mary Magdalene 215 



Scott, Kelly Lee 212 
Scroggin, Bruce T. 
Searcy, Clifton Wade K)7, 
Secrest, Marcia J. 164, 201 
Seigler, William Perrin 69, 160 
Self, Jody Lauren KS 
Sellers. Julie D. 201 
Sellers. Kimberly A. 99, 201 
Serralles III, Felix J. 201 
Sewell, Kenneth Thompson 117, 177. 138, 
85. 119 

Sexton, Robin M. 3C» 
Shackleton, Janet Abida 192 
Shearin III, Frank Winston 
Shelton, Felicia Dale 212 
Shelton, Frances Ann 164, 192, 93 
Shelton, Kathy Marie 
Shelton. Michael R. 177 
Shelton, Rhonda Ann 177 
Shelton, Susan Elizabeth 177 
Shepherd Jr., Billy H. 
Shepherd, Carolyn A. 
Shoaf. Anthony Lloyd 212 
Shape, Scott Anthony 
Shuford. Phillip Andrew 192 
Shumate, Sarah Jane 177 
Shupe. Thomas Earl 
Sikkema, Barbara J. 
.Simmons. Frank Andrew 
Simmons. James Wilbur 
Sims. Deborah O. 192 
Sims. Donna L. 132. 201, 13^1 
Sims, Janet Leigh 212 
Sisco, Charles Kimberly 
Sitton, MichaelMandy 136, 137, 153, 

Sizemare, Mirlie Dawn 
Slattery. Edith Amelia 150. 153, 158, 192 
Slone, Harold Timothy 
Sluder, Elizabeth Ann 117, 212 
,, Smart, Paula S. 201, K39 
Smart, Victoria Lynn 192 
Smathers, Donna Lee 177 
Smathers, Fritzie L. 153, 201 
Smith. Charlotte Hazel 201 
Smith, Donna Sue 177 
Smith, Edwin Fredrick 192 
Smith. Gary Dewayne 212 
Smith, Jannice Elaine 
Smith, Karen Marie I65i li 
Smith, Karia A. 20( 
Smith, Kimberly L. 159, 165. 201 
Smith. Kristina Kaye 212 
Smith. Maria Joyce 159, 164, 177 
Smith, Mary Catherine 156, 164, 11^.^ 
Smith, Melanie K. 302 t ' 

Smith. Michael Henry 212 :'^" 
Smith, Nancy L. 192 - t^'-^^k^'' 








Smith, Phillip Haold 212 
Smith, Royanna Hall 177 
Smith, Russell Sherman /? 
Smith, Steven Michael 
Smith, Vlcki Lea 192, 123 
Snead, Vlcki Lea 215 
Snell, John Luther 
Snyder, Brenda G. 
Snyder. Jeff R. , J 


Spearman Jr.. Joe Dan 

Spearman, Teresa- J. 201 

Spencer, Jason Oneal , 

Spurlin, Barbara 202 ^ J # 

Spencer, Napoleon • t( ^i 

Springfield. L. Perry /W :, 

Sprinkle, Sabra Louise 136, l3S, iW 

Sprouse, Margaret Lynn 212 I "^ /i 
^Sprouse, Paul Woodrow, Ji<, 161. tj7> 
t^Sprouse, Tammy L. '• ►"' «" .' 

Stafford, Sherri Jo 212' 

Stalvey, Francis Rbnald 212 

Stamey. Patricia A. 202 

Stanley, Donna Grace 165". 192. 

Stanley, Michael D. * 

Stansell, Doyle Hamilien, Jr...-' 

Stanton, Cynthi^ A. 153, 202 

Staschke, Kurt Raymond 192 

Staton, Darren Keith 177 

Staylor, Violet M. 202 

Steele, John Ridley 2(S 

Steelman, Hilda Jan 192 , t. 

Steinhardt, Jill Irene 212 * 

Stelges. William Robert 32 * , 

Stewart, Billy J. •* 

Stewart, Marilyn Drew 212 

Stewart, Michael Eric 

Stickle, Timothy John 302 

Stigall. Jenny Lynn 117, 16^177 ^ 

Stines, Berry Ajlea ^'■J'^^^^C 

Stines, Mary E,'2C^i ', „ ^_^ ^ 

Stocks, Thomas Floyd 140. I7\I83 

Stonecipher. Julie. W. \ 

Stout, John Alston 71 

Stradford, Curtis i. 

Stribling, John Malcomb 149, 150 

Strickland, Michael Vincent 162 

Stroup. Matthew Alfred 69, 178 

Stroupe. William Michael 117 

Stumber. George Stephet^ ^ 

Sturgill, Tracey /4. - , ^ >^ 

Sutherland, George Vu(JI€y 

Sutto. Angela Bruce' 2Q2 
wab. Charles Stroft^l92 

Swann. JJavid Randolph 
'Sweat. Wanda Gall 2Q2 

Syens, Lori L. 202 

-Talbert, Laura Catherine 212 
TiUfert, Leslie Ann 212 ^ Mi.>^'-mc- <. 
%atA. James Roy 212 » Wudv X ^ 
tate. Lisa Ann L65, 192 '^SS*^'' m 
Tatet Robert Lee VS^«4^> i S^ 

Tubman, Tina Monique -^ . - ^akJSA 
; Charles Wendell 1% 4\«\ "a' 
i^y{or, David W. K}7, 117 ^^ ^V^V* ' 
'ayfor, Durryl D. -*-* ^' 

Taylor, Jennifer 104, 105. 165. I92'jl\\ , 
Taylor, Michael Richard 192 -^4%' 
Taylor, Pamela Dawn 7. ■ Ji^^ 

•\ji^\yJaylor, Paul Gregory •• -t^* 

'-• "I'kaylor.. Paul Timothy 129. IMflSI. 192 
faylor, Roger Landon 117 \."^ 
Teachey, Louis M '*iL 



Teague. Jeffrey Carroll 212 

Teague, Laura Jean 212 

Temple ton Jr.. Samuel Lee 212 

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Tilley, Janice G. 164, 203. 155 

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Tinsley, Rebecca Lynne 212 

Tippette, Elizabeth Massey 203 

Tipton, Barbara J. 

Tobey, Marian Jill 117, 163. 312 ,. A^'A'' 

Tomberlin, Gerald D. !»«*•(.'. 

J Toygar. Ayse N. 136. 178 ^ 

.Trivett Jr., Talmadge Thomas 212 

Tucker, Julie A. 203 . ' . , 

Tucker, Ricky Lawrence 193, /OS \. . ^k!"' 

Tunstall. Henry Samuel 127, 160, 178 ' 

Turner. Wendye Raye 109 

Tweed, Lisa Lynn 212 

Tweed, Marcella R. 

Tyson, Paul fills — "" - " 

Underwood, Pam Lane 213 
Underwood, Patricia Jane 213 
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Vrana, Jefferson Robert 

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Wagner Jr., James E. 213 

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Walker, Wesley Randolph 213 

Wall. Cynthia J 203 

Wall, Sidney Keith 213 

Wallace. Anita L. 203 

Wallace, Ricky D. 

Wallace. Rolapd L. 

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Walton, Robin Elizabeth 213 

Ward, David P. 117, 160. 178 

Ward. Susie L. 203 

Wardle Jr.. John Louis 

Waring. Jr., John Stewart 160, 213 

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Warsaw, L eland Maurice 

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Watson, Edith Maurine 193 

Watson, Nina Lora 127, 135, 163, 213, 


Watson, Phil E. 

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160, 177, 185 

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West. Patricia Ann 165 

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Weymouthm. Stacey J. 
, Wheeler, Sandra Lee 

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177, 123 

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137. 140. 193. 106 

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Williamson, Ricky 

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Williamson. Rilla Marie 136, 137, 138, 

179, 185 

Willis, Glynn G. 160 

Willis, Laurie Cleo 213 

Willis, Terrie Ann 213 

Wilson, Bobby L. 

Wilson, Doris E 203, 134 

Wilson. Harry M. 179 

Winchester, Jean Alyse 203 

Winger t, Joan Adele 213, 109 

Winkler, Shari Lee 213 

Wise, Adora Faith 193 

Wolfe, Joseph H. 

Womack, Linda Mundell 203 

Womack, Paul Leon 203 

Wood, Edison Colon 144 

Wood, Ellyn Kaye 193 

Wood, John Hutchinson. Jr. 117. 127. 

160, 179 

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Woodburn, Lynda Lee 193 

Woodby. Patricia L. ^ - 

Woody. Lisa M. 127. 203, 123, I2^^it 

Woody, Penellape Street 203 

Woosley, Gwendolyn Elizabeth 213 

Worley, John M. 179 

Wright, George Thomas 213 

Wright, John Patrick 33. 193 

Wright, Julian K. 160. 179 
_ Wright. Paul Lewis 162. 179 
r Wright. Tina Sue 

Wynne III. Lawrence S. 161, 213^ 

Yates, Robert Michael 
York. Helen D.,_- 
Young, Anita •. ' 
Young. Eugene Gerald 
Young, Joel J.E. 203 
Young, Sallie Ann 117. 213 
Young. Sarah Katherine 
Young. Tammy L. 123 

Zink, Donna E. 








This campus is lil<e a giant quilt. 



A wide diversity of people, places, and buildings all 
tie together somehow to create something very 
unique and very special. 




V/e are individuals. 

4 Hciu^es j)c/)€duW 


M .^^K 


Yet we are also part of a group. The very fact 
that we are human unites us. 


tin mi nT3 n BTOi Di : 

And the fact that we are all a part of this 
college unites us. 





» -, 



Time changes everything — people, places, buildings. 

M ' t 




Time moves on. So do people. But we take a part 
of this place with us . . . and perhaps we leave a 
part of us behind, too. 




Each of us needs a place in life. 
Some of us have found it already. 
Some of us are still searching. 

For the past nine months. Mars Hill 
has been our place to be. 




Number. 1600 copies 

Printing: Josten's/American Yearboolc Co. 

Coven Litho print of ink drawing "Mars Hill College" by Randy Spear 

Paper: 80 lb. gloss 

Type: headlines — 30 pt. Lydian bold 

body copy — // pt. Lydian italic 

captions — 9 pt. Lydian italic 

Staff: John Bennett, Cherie Buchanan, Darryl Gossett, Marcia Gouge, Tammy Hall, Darryl Norton, 

Cathy Prilliman, Brenda Snyder, Lara Watson, Lisa Woody. 

Photographers: Tom Bain, Bruce Boyles, John Campbell, John Marshall, Tom McCombs, Ben Mul- 

linax, Sam Tunstall, Jack Upton, John Wood. 

Advisor: Walter P. Smith 

The colophon is the traditional way of thanking all those who have helped us with the huge task 
of putting the LA UREL together. If it had not been for these people, we could ne ver ha ve produced 
this book. 

We owe a very special thanks to Randy Spear, who designed the cover. It added a unique touch 

to the yearbook. We would also like to thank John Campbell, who always managed to pull through 

for us when impossible deadlines came up, and Walter Smith, our advisor, who kept us on our toes. 

We are grateful to Bruce Boyles, John Campbell, John Marshall, Ben Mullinax, Mike Sitton, and 

John Wood for the exceptional color. Thanks to Marcia Gouge, Darryl Norton, Lara Watson, and 

Lisa Woody for all their hard work. We owe a debt of gratitude to John Marshall, Tom McCombs, 

Ben Mullinax, and John Wood, our loyal photographers. Your long hours in the darkroom were 

greatly appreciated. Others who provided invaluable assistance over the year were our friends 

and professors. They were always there to support and encourage us and were always willing to 

listen to our woes. 

We hope that this yearbook is a sincere reflection of the past year at Mars Hill College. In 
putting together the LAUREL, we have striven to make it mean something special to you. the 

We hope that Mars Hill has been your place to be this year. 

Donna Enochs 
Nancy White 
Co-editors. 1980 LAUREL